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Chapter 1: Never Be the First in the World

First, when love - the same energy - expresses through body, it becomes sex. If everything goes well and sex is natural and flowing it is a beautiful experience because you can have a glimpse of the second through it. If sex goes really very deep, so that you forget yourself completely in it, you can even have a glimpse of the third through it. And if sex becomes a total orgasmic experience, there are rare moments when you can even have a glimpse of the fourth, the turiya, the beyond, through it.

But if sex fails, then many perversions happen to the mind. These perversions are expressed in hatred. Hatred is a failure of sex, a failure of love energy. Violence, lust for money, the continuous conflicting attitudes of egos: war, politics - these are all sex perversions.

A man whose sex is not perverted cannot become a politician. It is impossible. All politicians as such need deep sexual therapy, otherwise their whole energy will be. moving to gain more and more power. When sex is natural, you feel power, you are not seeking it. Sex is potentiality, power. You feel it showering on you, you don’t seek and search for it. But when you miss it there, then a great urge arises to seek power: politics is born. Then wars, continuous violence, are born; hatred, anger, and a thousand and one types of perversions.

People become attached too much to things when sex fails, because then they cannot be attached to persons. Because to be related to a person you have to flow, you have to be open.

With things there is no need to flow or to be open. Things can be possessed, persons cannot be possessed. Things are dead, persons are not dead. Persons are freedom in essence: you can love them, you can delight in them, but you cannot possess them.

People whose natural function of sex has failed become much too possessive about money, things of the world.

Science is also part of sexuality, the bodily phenomenon. That’s why science goes on insisting that only the body exists: because sex knows nothing other than the body. Science cannot believe that even the mind exists, there is no question of the spirit; and of course “the beyond” is completely beyond it. Science insists that man is only the body - that shows its inclination.

And the whole inquiry of science is based on sexual curiosity. And that too is a perversion.

If science is creative then it is not a perversion. Then the sex is functioning well, then the energy has a flow, it is not stagnant and rotten. But science as it is today - and it has been in the past the same - is destructive.

It is simply unbelievable that man can reach the moon - and soon they will be reaching other planets, and later on the stars - and half humanity is starving. It is unbelievable that man can develop such complex technology that the atom bomb and the hydrogen bomb can become possible, and they cannot even find a cure for the common cold - I was suffering for two days!

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