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Chapter 14: Knowing All through the One

Through Uma, Indra could understand that the Yaksha was Brahman, that this presence which had disappeared, which was now not visible - and instead of it Uma was visible, a beautiful woman, a sex symbol was visible - was Brahman. Sex can give you the answer to what the reality of life is because sex is the most alive thing in you. Mind is the most dead thing in you and sex is the most alive thing in you. That is why mind is always against sex, and mind is always for suppressing it. They are enemies. Mind is a dead thing and sex is the life force; they go on fighting. And whenever you move into sex, the mind feels frustrated and the mind says, “This is wrong. Do not move into it again.”

The mind becomes the moralizer, the mind becomes the puritan, the mind becomes the priest. The mind goes on condemning. All that is alive the mind goes on condemning and all that is dead the mind goes on worshipping. And sex is the most alive thing in you because life comes through it: you are born through it, you can give birth through it. Wherever there is life, aliveness, sex is the source. Not only in man: these trees are also sexual. Flowers are nothing but maturing seeds; they are sexual. The animals are sexual.

Now scientists feel that sex even penetrates matter because there too there is a polarity of the feminine and the masculine. Even in the deepest atom there exists a force as positive and there exists a force as negative. And those two forces create all that is there. The constant fight between those two forces and the constant meeting - the fight and meeting, the attraction and repulsion - creates energy. The whole existence is a creation between two opposing forces. So whenever you are nearest to life, you are nearest to sex. Or vice versa: whenever you are nearest to sex, you are nearest to life. You are young when sex energy is young; you are old when sex energy is old.

Now scientists say, biologists say, that if we can replace the sex glands, only then can old age be stopped - because if the sex glands are young, then the whole body will be young. If the sex glands are old, then you cannot do anything to make the body young.

There has been a constant effort.. All the medical researchers all over the world have been trying to make man live longer, but now the right point has been touched. The sex glands become old first and then your whole body follows. Your sex glands become youthful first and then your whole body follows. So really it is not a question of the whole body, it is only a question of the sex center. If the center is young you are nearer to life; if the center is old you are nearer to death.

Some day or other - it is possible now - we will be able to replace the sex glands. Once we are able to replace the sex glands, man can live younger forever. The body will follow. The body is just an expression. You may not have thought about it, but the sex center is the center of your whole body. The whole body is just a circle around it. Biologists say the whole body exists for the sex center to survive. The body is just a situation in which sex hormones can live and survive. The sex glands are not for the body: the body is for the sex glands.

Once the sex energy has traveled and given birth, the body goes on becoming old. Once the sex energy is exhausted, the body has to be discarded. Now the abode is not worth living in. Now the energy will find another body to live in. Now the energy will find another more alive, younger body to live in so that the life force can continue on and on.

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