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Chapter 4: Respect and Accept

And psychiatrists, psychologists, psychoanalysts have stumbled upon one great fact about humanity: that out of a hundred, ninety-nine problems arise out of sex. Not because of sex, but because of your religious conditioning against sex.

So the doctor was trying to find out where the problem was arising from. He asked the man “When you see a tree, what does it remind you of?”

And the man said “Of sex.”

Tree? - of sex? To be more certain, the doctor asked “And when you see stars, what do they remind you of?”

And the man said “Of sex, of course.”

And the doctor, to be still more certain, asked “When you see a camel walking by what does it remind you of?”

And the man said “Of sex.”

And the doctor said “Camel? - reminding you of sex?”

And the man said “Yes, everything reminds me of sex.. It is not a question of the camel or the tree or the elephant or the dog.everything reminds me of sex!”

If you are obsessed, repressed, everything will remind you of sex - everything, because you are carrying such a load, you will go on projecting. There is no need for a real woman to be there, just a sari, hanging, will do. There is no need for a real woman there, just one of my long-haired sannyasins going by.and from the back you see.and those long hairs.and it is there.

You cannot get beyond sex by repressing it. The way beyond is through. The way beyond is through understanding.

I have heard.

Several men who had been involved in a serious road accident were brought to hospital on stretchers and the dead were separated from the living. One of those believed to be dead had been accompanied by his wife, who was mainly interested in the insurance money to which his death would entitle her.

As soon as she arrived therefore, she approached one of the harassed doctors dealing with the emergency, and pointing to her husband on his stretcher, said “He’s dead, isn’t he, doctor?”

“I’m afraid so, madam” said the doctor, incautiously assuming that the judgment of the stretcher-bearers as to who was dead and who was not had been correct.

At this moment, the woman’s supposedly dead husband, who was in fact alive and had overheard the conversation, suddenly sat up on his stretcher, and said “I’m not dead, doctor!”

“Lie down” snapped his wife. “The doctor knows!”

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