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Chapter 21: Only If Love Allows

And the energy of sex should not remain confined only to reproduction. It is a simple fact to see that animals are not sexual all the year round; they just have their seasons. In those few months or few weeks they are sexual; otherwise sex disappears. Why has man the capacity to be sexual all the year round? There must be a purpose behind it. Existence never does anything meaninglessly.

My understanding is that reproduction could have been managed within a few weeks, just as it is being managed in all the animals. But man has been given so much sexual energy.that is a clear indication that existence wants you to transform this energy to higher evolutions, higher levels of consciousness. And it can be transformed. Just as it can give birth to children, it can give birth to you. It can make you reborn, with a new vision, new bliss, new light, and a totally new being. All that is needed is that the sexual energy should be joined with meditation. And that has been my whole work.

That is my sexual ethics: sex energy plus meditation. And it is easy to join them, because while making love, the moment you come to an orgasmic explosion your thoughts disappear - time stops. Suddenly you have melted into the other, you are no longer an ego. And these are the qualities of meditation: no ego, no time, no thinking - just pure awareness and a melting into the whole.

Where sexual orgasm ends, meditation begins. They can be joined very easily. It is the easiest thing to join them; they are so close.

My own insight is that people came to discover meditation through sexual orgasm because of these qualities. They could see that when thoughts stop, time stops, ego disappears and you are in a tremendously beautiful space. Although it only lasts seconds, it has given you the taste of something that is not of this world, something of the beyond.

We don’t know who discovered meditation, perhaps thousands of years ago. In the East we have books at least ten thousand years old describing methods of meditation. But any method brings the same qualities.

This is my feeling, that without sexual orgasm nobody could have been able to discover these three qualities. Once they had discovered these three qualities, people of intelligence would have tried - is it possible to attain to such a consciousness without going into sexual orgasm? And somebody must have succeeded, and since then millions of people have succeeded.

The whole humanity lives in misery for the simple reason that they have the wrong kind of sexual ethics - a kind which teaches them to repress sexuality. And the more you repress your sexuality, the farther away you are from meditation. The more you repress it, the closer you are to madness, not to meditation.

And now it is an established fact - by psychoanalysis, by the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud - that repressed sex is the base cause of human misery, all kinds of perversions, all kinds of mind sicknesses. But the religions still go on preaching the same..

Sigmund Freud should be remembered as one of the milestones in the history of man. But his work is only half. He simply fought against repression; his work is negative. In itself it takes you nowhere; it is fighting against darkness.

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