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Chapter 9: Get in Tune with the Essence

To be with the master is simply to see someone who has opened his wings and is on the wing in the sky. And he reminds you - not only by his words, but by his very being - that the same is possible for you, that you have wings but you have forgotten it. You don’t have to achieve anything, you only have to remember. And these moments, by and by, push you to that remembrance.

That remembrance is freedom from all cults, from all beliefs, freedom from all kinds of stupidities, superstitions. And not only freedom from.. Remember this: freedom from superstitions is good but not enough, freedom from beliefs is good but not enough. Freedom for truth.freedom from beliefs and freedom for truth; freedom from superstitions and freedom for reality. When freedom comes with both wings - from and for - you are coming back home.

Years ago during a psychosynthesis workshop, when we were in a hypnotic state the leader took us through Plato’s allegory of the cave, where the men were standing by the fire looking at the shadows on the wall, never having seen the opening of the cave.
This left a deep impression on me, and I would be so grateful to hear you speak on this.

Plato’s allegory is of slaves who, working in a cave, see only their shadows on the walls and believe that what is happening on the walls is the only reality. They don’t know of any other reality except those shadows.they don’t even know that those shadows are their own. They know nothing about the outside world, outside their cave; it doesn’t exist for them.

This is one of the most beautiful allegories - of tremendous importance. It is our allegory. Translated into our life, it means we are living in a certain cave and we are seeing shadows on a certain screen and we know nothing else about the screen. We know nothing about there being a world beyond the screen; we know nothing about these shadows on the screen, even that they are our own.

Looked at rightly, it is the allegory of our mind.

What do you know of the world? Just a small skull is your cave; and just the screen of your mind.and the things which you call thoughts, emotions, sentiments, feelings, are all shadows - they don’t have any substance in them.

And you get angry, you get depressed, you are in anguish - because you have learned to be identified with those shadows. You are projecting them; they are your own shadows. It is your own anger that is projected on the screen of the mind. And then it becomes a vicious circle: that anger makes you more angry, more anger projects more anger, and so on and so forth. And we go on living our whole life without ever thinking that there is a world of reality beyond the mind, on the outside, and there is also a world of reality beyond all these sentiments, feelings, emotions - beyond your ego. That is your awareness.

The whole art of meditation is to bring you out of the cave so that you can become aware that you are not those shadows but that you are a watcher.

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