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Chapter 4: The Dead Man’s Answer

The whole world helps you to be imitators. So when you come to a monastery, near a master, again you try the old methods you have been doing in the world. You start imitating there also. There they will not be of any help, they will be the barriers. In the world it is okay, because the whole world is of imitators. If you are real there you will be in trouble; if you are false, you will be accepted. This so-called world only wants you to be a shadow, not a real man, because a real man is dangerous.

Only shadows can be subdued, shadows can be obedient, shadows can follow; whatsoever they are told to do, they will do. A real man will not always say yes; sometimes he will say no, and when he says no, he means no! You cannot subdue him, you cannot suppress him.

So from the very beginning we train children to be false. And this is what we call “character.” If they become really false, unreal, we appreciate them, we reward them with medals, we say they are real. This falsity is called real, ideal. And if a child rebels, tries to be himself, he is a “problem child.” He has to be psychoanalyzed, or he has to be sent to some institution where they can put him right - something is wrong with him. And there is nothing wrong, he is simply asserting himself. He is saying, “Let me be myself.”

A small child, Tommy, was attending his first wedding ceremony. Somebody asked - a guest - “Tommy, to whom would you like to be married and when?”

Tommy said, “Never. I don’t want to get married.”

The man was surprised and said, “Why?”

He said, “I have lived too much with married people, and they are so false.” And his father and mother were present there. “I don’t want to get married because I want to be myself.”

The wife will not allow the husband to be himself. The husband will not allow the wife to be herself. Nobody allows anybody to be himself or herself, because this is thought to be dangerous.

Suppress! And this has suppressed society: if it is sad, it is bound to be so, it is natural. False people cannot be happy. They can be, at the most, sad; at the most, at their peak, they can be sad, depressed. Freud has said that for humanity there is no possibility, no hope for bliss. And he is right; the way humanity has been moving, if it goes on moving that way, only sadness, depression, a hopeless state is possible. Just carrying oneself somehow, like a burden - no dance, no energy bubbling, no vitality, singing, nothing, no flowers - just dragging along.

False people can only be of that sort. But when these false people get too bored, fed up with the so-called society, they go to a master in search of truth. There also they try their old techniques, but then they will miss there. It is okay to be false with false people, because it will be difficult to be real with them. But when you are in search of truth, when you come to a master and the urge has happened to you to know what reality is, you are not allowed to imitate. If you imitate you have carried your old pattern, your mode of existence, and that mode of existence will become the barrier.

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