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Chapter 7: Man Is an Empty Temple

Start from the very foundation. Let rebellion be the foundation, then make the structure of revolution. And then on top of that, let there be a dome of reform - not otherwise. Otherwise the whole process will be topsy-turvy.

The basic thing is to understand the whole situation: how has man been doing up to now? what has been going wrong? why is there so much suffering? why do we always start from the wrong end and can never reach the real core of the problem?

Understanding is missing, awareness is missing. You are living in a kind of unconsciousness - Jesus calls it sleep. Bring yourself to more awareness.

It will be difficult because everybody else is fast asleep around you. If you start awakening, you will find difficulties arising for you, because those people who are asleep will not like it. It is a disturbance for them. They are having sweet dreams, and you suddenly become awake. You create a kind of disturbance. Not only that - once you are awake, you start shaking people to awaken them because you feel “These poor people are missing the real joy of life.” The sun is rising, and the flowers are dancing in the breeze, and the birds are singing, and you start waking and shaking people around you - particularly people you love, you feel for, you care for. You would like them to share this joy, this morning that is all around. And they are deep in sleep, in a slumber, snoring, not aware of what is happening all around. But they are having their dreams. Maybe somebody is earning great money, or somebody is just reaching to the highest post - one promotion more, or somebody is fighting the presidential election. And you wake them? - they will feel angry. Naturally, because they don’t know any other reality than their dream. Their dream is their reality, and things were going well, and here you come and disturb everything! Nobody will like you.

Nobody likes a man who is alert and aware. That’s why Jesus was crucified. He would have been crucified anywhere. Don’t blame the Jews. He was such a rebellious man that he himself is responsible for being crucified, not the Jews. He would have been crucified by somebody else. Wherever he was he would have been crucified.

That much awareness nobody is ready to accept. That much awareness is disturbing. That much awareness hurts. And the man of awareness stands there and makes you feel guilty, because in comparison to him you are just a dark night. You hate that man, because without him everything was good; there was no comparison. You were thinking you were full of life - now here comes this man. And in his presence you are reduced to being just a dark night and nothing else. In his presence you are a beggar. Here comes the emperor, the son of God. And in his presence you become ugly. The natural logic is that he is making you ugly. When he was not there. you had never thought about your ugliness.

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