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Chapter 1: The Challenge of the Buddha

Long for the impossible. Desire for the impossible.

The Buddha said:
There are twenty difficult things to attain or accomplish in this world.
First: It is difficult for the poor to practice charity.

Because unless you have it, how can you share it? To share something with somebody else you must have it first. In the first place you must have it; only that can be shared which you have. And this is something that we go on forgetting continuously.

I see so many people trying to share their love and they don’t have any love. Of course, their sharing brings misery to them and to others. Because you can share only that which you have. You may think you are sharing your love, but you share only your misery in fact, because that is what you have. You go with hope, you move with dreams, but what is the actual result of it? In fantasy love is good; in reality it becomes a misery, a hell.

You don’t have love in your being; that energy is not existent there. First you have to become radiant with love, only then can you share it. Before you can become a lover, you have to become love. People think that they will become love only by becoming a lover. Stupid is their logic, illogical is their way of thinking. You cannot become a lover unless you have love - and love you don’t have.

Everybody goes on believing that one has the capacity to love; one has just to find somebody to receive. One is full of love energy; one needs only just a receiving end. That’s how people go on moving, finding. Many times they find beautiful people, but the total result is miserable.

They think they are sharing love - they share only their loneliness. They think they are sharing something divine - they share only their ugliness. They think they are sharing their innermost being - but they share only their dirty surface. They themselves are not aware of their innermost core. That is the meaning of a poor man.

When Buddha talks about a poor man, he does not mean a man without money. When Buddha talks about a poor man, he means a man who is not rich inside.a loveless man. How can he share? How can he become a tremendous sharing? No, charity is not possible. Charity is possible only when you are overflowing. Overflowing is charity.

It is difficult for the poor to practice charity.

And remember it in the reverse way also. Whenever you are unable to share, whenever you are unable to practice charity, note down - you must be poor. You may have much in the eyes of others, but deep down you must be poor if you cannot share.

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