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Chapter 9: Thou Hast Reaped

You have reaped - you have reaped bliss, you have reaped ecstasy - now sow it for others. In the world, you sow first and then you reap. In the spiritual dimension, everything is just the reverse. First you reap, and then you sow.

You have reaped what Buddha has sown, what Jesus, Krishna and Mohammed have sown. They have sown seeds and you have reaped them. Now, sow them for others. And remember well that sowing is just exhaling. It is part of the whole process. You will remain half, incomplete, imperfect, unless bliss has started flowing from you toward all.

This is a very necessary law, and when you become silent, you hear it. No one else is saying it to you. Your own heart, your own innermost being gives you this indication. This teaching, this message is not from without, it is from your own innermost self. That’s why: thou wilt obey. There is no possibility of not obeying it, it is your own. But if you know it well, it will be easy.

It will be easy if you know that it is part of the process: that bliss should be distributed and shared, then it will grow more. If you don’t know about this law, your miserliness, your old self-centeredness may delay the completion of the process.

It can only be delayed, it cannot be disobeyed forever. But why delay it? So remember this: whenever you feel any moment of bliss happening, share it.

That’s why my insistence, so much insistence, that after meditation you must express your bliss, you must celebrate it. You must make it a point that whatsoever happens to you, allow it to be shared. Dance and sing. These are symbolic, just to serve as a continuous remembrance.

After you have gone from here, many things will happen if you continue meditation. But whenever something happens to you, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it. Even if you cannot do anything else, just smiling, smiling at a stranger, may be enough. Just taking the hand of a stranger in your hand and feeling the friend within him will do it, or sharing anything, just as a token. Or, if there is no one there and you are sitting under a tree, then dance and feel that you are dancing with the tree. Sing, and feel that you are singing with the birds. And sooner or later you will come to understand that when you share, even a tree is ready to share.

Some research has been done recently in a Russian university. A psychoanalyst, Pushkin, has come to conclude through many experiments that trees have similar emotions to man. Not only that - trees can be hypnotized. Not only that - if a person is hypnotized under a tree, and under hypnosis it is suggested to him, “You are very sad,” then the person becomes sad, and simultaneously the tree becomes sad.

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