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Chapter 8: A New Era of Enlightenment

I have heard that when for the first time the Americans reached the moon, walked on the moon, they were surprised: a few Indians were sitting there. They could not believe their eyes! They were singing their bhajanas - “Hare Krishna, Hare Rama.” The Americans thought, “My God! We have been putting so much energy, science, money into reaching the moon - how have these idiots managed?”

They asked the Indians. The Indians said, “It is not difficult. We just started standing upon each other’s shoulders, and finally we reached.”

India is a huge and vast country. Eight hundred million people.eighty hundred million people.no.You guess how many! They can reach the moon without any trouble, just standing upon each other. And small groups of Turks and Moguls defeated them!

This is not history; actually India has never been defeated by anybody. India simply allowed anybody to invade - they welcomed them! The country was peaceful, there was enough food, enough space - what did it matter if a few more people were absorbed? There was so much to be shared. These peaceful people, without any desire to be aggressive, remained slaves for two thousand years, for the simple reason that they were not interested in fighting.

Are you interested in meditation, in enlightenment? You have heard the word, but listening to the word enlightenment, does anything stir in your heart?

Buddha thought, “Whom am I going to teach? In the first place teaching is difficult. In the second place to find a disciple is difficult.” And he thought, “Even if I can manage to convey something of my experience, and I can also find some disciples who cannot only hear, but listen too..”

Listening means hearing without thinking.

The prerequisite for listening is that you put your mind aside, so you are just a pure space. It does not mean believing; you need not believe what you listen to. But unless you listen, how can you decide whether it is true or untrue? And a fundamental law of life is: if you listen without thinking, you will be able to see whether it is true or not. There will not be any need for you to think logically, to balance this way and that, to argue for and against.

Arguing does not help. Can a blind man argue whether light exists or not? And you have eyes - have you ever argued whether light exists or not? Seeing is enough - you know! In the same way, listening is enough. An immediate understanding arises.

For seven days Buddha pondered over the matter, and decided that it was useless. And the final day, when he decided not to speak, his thought was, “Many masters have existed, and what has happened? People go on living the same way, doing everything the same way.” In fact, things go on becoming worse. If there had been no Mohammed, thousands of wars would have been avoided. If there had been no Jesus Christ, the world would be much more at ease and at peace - because Christians have been killing, Mohammedans have been killing.

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