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Chapter 31: Release

Now two thousand years have passed and Christians are waiting for the savior to come. I tell you he is never going to come, for the simple reason that what he has promised he cannot deliver. Krishna has promised that he will be coming, but it is strange that nobody wonders why these people did not redeem humanity while they were here. What is the point of postponing it for the future, for the next time when they will come?

People were as much in misery then as they are now, people were as much ignorant as they are now - so what was the reason to postpone? Jesus could have redeemed the whole world, Krishna could have enlightened everybody. But it was a very subtle game: they took the responsibility - and helped you to remain a prisoner till they come back. Just go on praying.one day he is going to come.

This has taken away not only your responsibility but your freedom. It has taken away your very individuality and your uniqueness.

I love Gautam Buddha for the simple reason that he is the first man in the long history of man who refused to take the responsibility of redeeming anybody. He seems to be the most courageous man - because it is so easy to gather followers if you take responsibility, and rather than taking responsibility he was saying that there is no way for anybody else to redeem you.

Let it sink deep in your hearts.

Only you are capable of awakening.

Because only you are capable of falling asleep.

Nobody else is responsible for your sleep.

How can somebody else be responsible for your awakening? All those who have promised to redeem you have humiliated you; they have reduced you to less than human beings.

It is not a coincidence that Jesus goes on calling himself the shepherd and you the sheep and I sometimes wonder why not even a single man stood up and said, “This is very insulting.” Not that people must not have felt it, but it was very cheap, and “the fellow is taking all the responsibility, that is good - so we need not bother about it. We can go round and round in our trivia and he will take care of our spirituality.” It was a good chance to get rid of the whole affair.

It seems hurtful.but I cannot say anything which is not true. All these people behaved more like businessmen; they were more concerned in having more and more customers.

Gautam Buddha seems to be the single man who is not interested in having followers, who is not interested in being a shepherd, who is not interested in reducing you into sheep. On the contrary, his whole life he insisted on only one thing: You are just like me; the difference is very small. One day I was asleep, today I am awake. Today you are asleep, tomorrow you may be awake - and if you are intelligent you can be awake this very moment.

Buddha alone gives respect to individuality, to human beings - no one else has ever given it. He denied God for the simple reason that God cannot be accepted. The very acceptance of God as a creator destroys the whole beauty of humanity. Then you are just a puppet in the hands of a God who seems to be whimsical. For no reason he created you, and for no reason he can decreate you.

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