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Chapter 46: Energy Moves Better When It Is Warmer

Eknath was fast asleep at nine o’clock. The king was shocked. What kind of saint is he? And this was not all; when he went closer he said, “My God, is this a saint or a devil?” - because he was putting his feet on the statue of Shiva, just as a footrest. He said, “My master must have gone mad to send me to this man. Although I am not convinced of the existence of God, even I cannot touch the statue of God with my feet. I am afraid.. Who knows? After all, God may exist. Why take unnecessary trouble upon yourself? But this man is something!”

And when Eknath woke up the king said, “I have been sent by my master.”

Eknath laughed and he said, “While I am alive there is nobody else who is a master.” This was very insulting to the king.

He said, “You seem to be an insane person. In the first place you are sleeping up to nine, in the temple, resting your feet on the statue of Shiva, and now you are saying that there can be nobody else master while you are alive.”

He said, “Yes. Tell that to your master; otherwise why has he sent you to me? These are just pygmy teachers pretending to be masters, and as far as my sleeping up to nine and my feet on the statue of Shiva, remember one thing: wherever I put my feet there is God, so what does it matter? God is everywhere, so why not find a comfortable place? And my waking up at nine - remember, any people who say that saints wake up before sunrise are just mediocre minds. I say to you that whenever the saint wakes up, that is sunrise.”

Strange statements, but very true - true in depth, true in intensity. Whenever a saint wakes up, that is sunrise; his waking is far more important than your ordinary sun rising up every day - a mechanical phenomenon. My waking is not a mechanical phenomenon, and I am a free man - I will wake up when I want to, and I will go to sleep when I want to. I act according to my consciousness, my awareness. I don’t follow any discipline. I don’t have any rules for my life. My life is my only discipline. Therefore I say unto you that whenever you become a sannyasin that is the right moment.

So don’t be bothered about the statement that a few people come to sannyas earlier, a few people come later, very few people come at the right time.

Remember, whenever you become a sannyasin you make that time the right time. So don’t feel that you have missed anything.

A sannyasin never misses anything in life. Once a sannyasin, he forgets missing, he simply goes on gaining more dimensions, more riches - riches of all kinds, more awareness, more love, more compassion, more beauty, more grace. Who cares for chronological time? Who bothers to look at the calendar and then take sannyas?

And it is not possible in the first place. So let me repeat: whenever you take sannyas, that is sunrise.

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