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Chapter 2: Your True, Authentic, Original Face

India has known the first lecherous man in Vatsyayana. Three thousand years before Sigmund Freud and Havelock Ellis, he wrote the first book in the world of sexology, Kamasutra, aphorisms on sex. Hindus have been calling him Maharishi, the great seer. His sutras are so ugly and obscene. He has also a few sketches of sexual postures. Those sketches are so obscene, so ugly, so unnatural - and you will not believe that he describes eighty-four postures of making love. You know only one posture: that is the missionary posture.

This man is not called lecherous, he is called the great seer. And this man for three thousand years has never been criticized by anyone; they have worshipped the man. And this poor editor calls me lecherous..

All the scriptures of the Hindus are full of lechery, full of obscene sensuality. I will describe the milestones.

The second man is a Kashmiri brahmin who wrote the Kok-Shastra. Koka is his name, Pandit Koka. His sketches are far more ugly than Vatsyayana’s Kamasutras, and he used to have a love affair with a woman of the lowest caste, the kolas; they are the aboriginals.

Sometimes I wonder.Joining “koka” and “kola,” perhaps the secret of Coca-Cola is there! That’s why the manufacturers of Coca-Cola don’t allow the secret to be known by anybody.

And this poor fellow calls me lecherous, and Koka is called a great scholar, a great researcher in sexology!

In one of the Hindu scriptures you will see the whole scene, what it means to be lecherous.

You have seen the shivalingas all over India. Perhaps there are more shivalingas than anybody else’s statues - shivalinga simply means Shiva’s sexual machinery, and it is based in the yoni of Parvati, his wife - and openly, on the street corners, in the marketplaces. Shivalinga does not need even a temple, not necessarily. Even the poorest can afford it. Just find a piece of marble looking like a phallic symbol and make in the marble the vagina of a woman. Place the phallic symbol in the vagina and you have got the Hindus’ mahadeva, the great god.

How did it come to happen that no other god has such symbols? I would like to tell you the story to explain the word lecherous.

Just as the Christians have the trinity, the Hindus have trimurti - the three faces of God. The first face is Brahma, who created the world. He has only one temple in the whole of India, because who cares about him? - he has already done his job, and nobody knows where he has gone.

The second face of God is Vishnu, who has thousands of temples, because his work is to maintain what Brahma has created. Of course, if you can persuade him by your prayers and rituals, it will be a great blessing to you. He is constantly maintaining the universe till the moment when Shiva destroys it. Shiva is God the destroyer.

How did it come to happen that Shiva has got just a phallic symbol to represent him?

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