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Chapter 12: The Ultimate Intercourse

This is a little difficult to understand and it may create a kind of restlessness in you to hear it. A mystic is one who has entered into intercourse with the whole of existence. He hears a cuckoo singing, and his whole body is in a state of blissful orgasm. He sees a flower blooming and every cell of his body dances in sexual bliss. The sun rises in the morning, the moon shines out of the night sky, and every moment he is in orgasmic ecstasy. You have only this one sexual organ with which to enjoy sex, the mystic enjoys sex with every cell of his body.

There is a point to be understood in this context that may never have occurred to you. In the name of Shiva’s statue we have created the shivalinga - a phallic symbol of Shiva. Thus Shiva is represented as a phallus. This means Shiva has neither eyes nor hands nor legs, that he is only the phallus. When the whole body becomes a genital organ, this is the final state of saintliness. It symbolically indicates that that person is making love with existence with his whole body. This intercourse is no longer a local phenomenon; it is not the meeting of one sexual organ with another, it is the meeting of existence with existence.

In the shivalinga we have offered the world a concept that defies imagination. Its meaning is quite clear, but even the Hindu refuses to see it. We are so afraid that we will never acknowledge its real meaning. We choose to be blind; we try to conceal the meaning.

Carl Gustav Jung, the great Western psychologist, came to travel in India. He went to see the temples at Puri, Konarak and Khajuraho. The pundit who was showing him around the temple at Konarak was very agitated because of the statues of nude couples making love, and he was feeling very guilty. But Jung was completely fascinated. He was one of those rare individuals of this century who have penetrated very deep into human consciousness. And the deeper one penetrates in human consciousness, the more meaningful is sexual intercourse, because there is nothing that enters you as deeply as sex. Perhaps this is because ordinarily you are never in any deeper state than the state you are in at the time of sexual intercourse. Only on attaining samadhi, enlightenment, will you transcend sex, because only in enlightenment will you attain a deeper state.

So Jung was ecstatic seeing these statues, but the pundit was very troubled that he should be showing his guest such an exhibition of obscenity. What would Westerners think of Indian civilization if Jung were to tell them what he had seen at Konarak? And it was not just this one particular pundit who thought this way; even Mahatma Gandhi used to say that Konarak and Khajuraho temples should be buried under the ground so that people did not get a poor impression of Indian culture.

There was a time when there were people in this country who created Konarak and Khajuraho, and they were created under the guidance of mystics.because they are temples. Then came such great mahatmas in our country who wished to bury them or tear them down. I cannot regard Mahatma Gandhi as a Hindu. He is a Christian; his outlook, his whole education, his concepts are all Christian. Christians are very afraid of things like this. A Christian cannot even think that there could be a statue of sexual intercourse or a shivalinga in a church.

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