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Chapter 5: Having and Being

When all your identities disappear and simply you are left, there is only pure space - as pure as life, as pure as death, nothing else is there - that is your being. Only that being can be possessed because it is already there. You can possess only that which is already there, you cannot possess anything else. All desiring is desiring for the futile. It leads only into frustration.

Ordinarily, even when people become religious, they go on thinking in terms of having - possessing heaven or possessing the pleasures of heaven - but still they go on thinking in terms of having. Their heaven is nothing but their projected desire of having everything. All that they have missed here they would like to have in the afterlife. But it is the same desire.

The really religious person is one who has become aware of the futility of desiring, of the impossibility of having anything here in this world or thereafter in the other world. You can only possess yourself. You can only be the master of your own being. If you are not trying for that.. It is hard work, there is no shortcut to it; notwithstanding what Timothy Leary says, there is no shortcut to it. Acid, drugs, are not going to help you there. That is very cheap, it is very cunning. It is a chemical deception. You want to get into the world of your innermost being without any effort. It is a dishonesty. You want to possess it without earning it.

When a Mahavira possesses it he has worked hard for it; when a Baal Shem possesses it he has worked hard for it. He has sacrificed his whole being for it. His whole being has become just a prayerfulness, a devotion, a sacrifice to the divine. He is not there, he has simply offered himself totally. Then he possesses. Or a Kabir or a Zarathustra.they have all worked the hard way. The hard way is the only way. There exists no shortcut.

But man has tried to invent shortcuts always, in many ways. The drug trip is the latest invention of the cunningness of the human mind. Just by taking a tablet or injecting a certain chemical into your body you think you can become a buddha, you think you can attain to that total possession of your being. You will simply become a slave of the chemical, not the master of your being. Now there will arise a craving for the chemical - more and more, again and again. Bigger and bigger quantities will be needed. Soon you will be a wreck, soon you will be a wasteland, soon you will be deserted by all that is beautiful and true and all that is divine. But the lure is there. The human mind thinks it can find some shortcuts.

You may all remember certain dreams. In dreams, if you are traveling in the train, you skip many stations. You are in London and then suddenly you are in Tokyo - you skip the whole journey. The unconscious continually craves shortcuts. In dreams it is okay, but in real life it is not possible - you cannot skip any stage and you cannot skip any station on the way. Howsoever fast you go, there is no way to skip anything. Faster or slower, it eventually does not make any difference. But you have to go all the way and you have to go the hard way.

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