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Chapter 5: Accept Your Reality

But all kinds of idealism divide the outer and the inner. It does not allow you to be natural, spontaneous; it forces you to be something other than you are. It gives you shoulds - you should do this, you should do that. Because of those shoulds you start believing that you are aspiring very high, that you are soaring very high: “Look what beautiful ideals I have got” and behind that empty talk your reality is just the opposite. The greedy person wants to become non-greedy. The angry person wants to become compassionate. The unloving person has the ideal of love. All the religions talk about love, and all that they do on the earth is create hate. All the nations of the world talk about peace, and all that they do is prepare for war.

See it. This is what we have become: pseudo, hypocrites.

No nation prepares for peace - not even India, which is a non-violent country, the great religious country. All nations talk about peace and prepare for war. War remains the reality and peace remains just smoke around it, to hide it.

Unless we see it through and through there is no way to get out of it. Whenever you want some ideal to be fulfilled in your life, watch why. How can an angry person practise compassion? How? It is impossible. If the angry person practises compassion he will be, at the most, repressing his anger, that’s all. What else can he do? He has been angry with others, now he will be angry with his own anger, that’s all. The anger has taken a new form, a new shape.

The violent person wants to become non-violent: what is he going to do? He has been violent with others, now he will become violent with himself. That’s what you call asceticism? Asceticism is basically masochism: it is a joy in torturing yourself. And these people become great mahatmas, they are worshiped, but all that has happened is that their violence has turned inwards. You torture others, they torture themselves; but the torture continues, and the pleasure in torturing continues.

The man who lies on the bed of thorns - do you think he is religious? What is religious in it? He is simply torturing his body, but you will find people worshiping him. He is neurotic, but he will be thought of as a mahatma.

If it is cold and snow is falling and somebody is standing naked under the skies, what is he doing? He is simply torturing the body, but people will think, “What a great soul.” He simply needs a few electric shocks; he is psychiatrically ill, he is mad, he is suicidal.

It is very easy to catch hold of the murderer, it is very difficult to catch hold of the person who is suicidal, but both are murderers. They both enjoy violence.

That’s why Mahatma Gandhi’s violence is not visible. He is as violent as Adolf Hitler; the only difference is of direction. Mahatma Gandhi’s violence is very invisible: he tortures himself. If you keep somebody else hungry for many days, that will be violence, but if you keep yourself hungry and call it upavas, fasting, then this is something religious. It is not. It is the same game, and more dangerous, because when you keep somebody else in a state of torture he at least can defend, but when you start torturing your own innocent body, the body cannot defend. There is no defence possible, your own body is utterly helpless.

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