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Chapter 8: I'm Just Being to You

When you are angry, you are angry - but not at me. When you are full of hate, you are full of hate - not for me. When you are full of love, you are full of love - not for me. Once you understand it, you remain like a lotus leaf in the world. You remain in the water but the water does not touch; it touches you not. You remain in the world and yet aloof, not of it. Then nobody can disturb your silence, and nobody can distract you. Your compassion goes on flowing. If you love me, you receive my compassion. If you hate me, you will not receive my compassion - not because I will not give to you. I will be continuously giving to you, as much as I give to those who love me, but you will be closed and you will not receive it.

Once being is attained, one is compassion, unconditional compassion. Not that in some moments he becomes compassionate and some moments he is not compassionate. Compassion then is his natural climate, compassion is his permanent mood, compassion is his integrated being. Then whatsoever you do, his compassion goes on showering on you. But there are moments when you will receive it, when you will be open, and there are moments when you will not receive it because you will be closed - in hate you will not receive it, in love you will receive it.

And you may even feel the difference - because one who loves me will start growing, one who hates me will start shrinking. Both will become so totally different that you may start thinking that I must be giving more to the one I love, or one who loves me, and I’m not giving to one who hates me or is angry at me or is closed towards me. But I am not doing that. The clouds are there and they are showering; if your pot is not broken it will be filled.

Or even if your pot is not broken, but is upside-down, then you will miss. Hate is a state of upsidedownness. Then rains can go on showering but you will remain empty, because your opening is not there. Once you are have been put rightside-up, that’s what love is. Love is nothing but an opening, a receptivity, a welcome, an invitation, that “I am ready; come, please.”

The Bauls go on singing, “Come Beloved, come.” They go on sending their invitations. Love is inviting, hate is repelling. If you love me you will receive much - not because I am giving you more especially; but if you hate me you will not receive at all - not because I am not giving, but because you are closed. But I remain myself. I am not identified with my body, I am not identified with my mind. I have come home.

If you are identified with your body and somebody hurts your body, you will be angry; he is hurting you. If you are identified with your mind and somebody insults you, you will be angry, because he is hurting your mind. Once you are identified with your being nobody can hurt, because nobody has yet invented any way to hurt being. The body can be hurt, can be killed. The mind can be hurt.but the being cannot be touched. There is no way to hurt it, there is no way to create pain. It’s very nature is blissfulness.

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