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Chapter 7: You Become the Offering

Naropa laughed and said, “Drop this also - that you have dropped everything. Drop this also, don’t say it any more, because this again is a clinging: I have dropped everything. But the ‘I’ has remained, and the dropping itself has been converted into doing. The doer has remained.”

One man, a great king, came once to Buddha. In one hand he had brought many flowers; in the other hand he had brought a very rare, valuable diamond. And he had brought both because he thought, “Maybe Buddha will not like the diamond; then I will give these flowers, put these flowers at his feet.”

He came, both hands were full; in one hand the great diamond, in the other, flowers. First he tried to put the diamond at Buddha’s feet. Buddha said, “Drop it!” He thought, “He has rejected the diamond,” so he dropped it on the ground. Then he tried to put the flowers and Buddha said, “Drop it!” so he dropped those flowers also. Then there was nothing to give him as a present, so with both hands joined in namaskar, he tried to put his head at Buddha’s feet. And Buddha said, “Drop it!” Then he was in a puzzle - what to do? How to drop this head?

Buddha started laughing and he said, “Those things were useless - you can drop the diamond, that is not of any significance; you can drop the flowers, that is not of much significance - unless you drop yourself. And those two droppings, those two orders, were just to prepare you so that you can learn dropping. Now the ultimate has come. Drop yourself!”

And there cannot be anything else before a buddha. What can you give as a present? Flowers, diamonds are meaningless - unless you give yourself, unless you become the offering.

I am not doing anything; you are still doing - that’s why there is a problem. Whenever one of you drops doing and becomes just like me, not doing anything, suddenly the happening, suddenly flowers will start showering. When Manjushree disappeared.. Flowers had always been showering there at that tree, only Manjushree could not see them. When he disappeared he could see.

The second question:

We can practice right behavior, and behavior according to duty, but then we will be wearing false faces, as we are inwardly, as you say, a madhouse. So should we act as we feel, or act as we ought?

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