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Chapter 7: You Become the Offering

Manjushree said, “What have I attained? I have attained nothing. Rather, on the contrary, I have lost myself. There is no attainment because there is no one who can attain now. This very afternoon I have died.”

The voice said, “We are celebrating your death, because your death is the birth of a new life. You have died, Manjushree, but for the first time you are born.”

More and more flowers showered. Somebody reported to Buddha, “Some-thing has happened. Manjushree is sitting there and flowers go on showering.”

Buddha said, “For the first time Manjushree is not there, that’s why flowers are showering. Up till now Manjushree was there; just today he has disappeared. He has attained the state of no-self, anatta - that’s why flowers are showering.”

These flowers are just symbolic, they indicate grace. This voice is symbolic, no one had said anything. The flowers that were showering there were not those you can see, but invisible flowers. The whole existence celebrates it when you disappear - the whole existence feels blissful. When you are there, you are like a wound - the whole existence suffers with you.

I am trying only one thing - I am not doing anything - to make you filled with bliss. But that cannot be done. Only one thing can be done, and that is to help you to disappear, to help you not to be. And whenever, even for a single moment, you are not there, flowers will start showering. When Manjushree is not there, flowers have always showered.

I am not doing anything, I have never done anything with you. You are doing something. When you also stop, growth happens. When you also drop doing, suddenly the ego disappears. You are not ill; you have become whole and healthy. And whenever you are whole you have become holy.

Both the words come from the same root. The word holy doesn’t mean anything more than becoming whole. Whenever you are whole you are holy. And you cannot be whole with the ego, because ego consists of division. Ego creates a split, you divide yourself. When the ego disappears divisions disappear. So the whole effort is how to make you effortless, and the whole doing is how to bring you to a point where doing ceases, is no more.

Grace has been flowing always, that is already the case. It is there right now, flowing around you, but you don’t give a door to it. All your windows are closed, all your doors are closed; you are closed, imprisoned in yourself, you don’t allow any winds to blow. These meditations we are doing are just to help you to drop all doing.

It is said that once Milarepa, a Tibetan mystic, asked his master, Naropa, “Following you, listening to you, I have dropped everything. But still nothing has happened.”

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