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Chapter 6: I Really Mean Business

The ordinary meaning of the word synthesis is making two opposites meet, creating a certain meeting ground between the two opposites. It is not synthesis in that sense. It makes no effort to create that kind of unity. But it is a synthesis in a very different meaning, in a very higher sense, in a totally different dimension. It is transcendence of the paths of love and awareness, it is transcendence of the opposites. And whenever the opposites are transcended synthesis happens on its own accord. But you have to understand the difference.

Assagioli’s synthesis is very poor; it has no depth, it cannot have - it is mind effort. It is far poorer than Sigmund Freud’s analysis for the simple reason because mind is very efficient in analyzing things; mind is incapable of synthesizing things. That’s why, although Assagioli is trying to do something far more important than Sigmund Freud.but he fails. If you study both, Sigmund Freud looks like a genius. Assagioli looks just a pigmy by his side.

And, let me emphasize again, he is trying to do something far bigger, far more important than Sigmund Freud, but Freud succeeds because he is doing the right kind of work that the mind is capable of doing. Assagioli is trying to do the same thing as Tao but through the mind. Mind is not capable of synthesizing. Tao does it from a totally different dimension: it goes beyond mind, it goes into no-mind. And when you reach into no-mind synthesis happens - not that you have to do anything about it.

Assagioli’s synthesis is man-made, man-manufactured. Hence it is more like a hotchpotch, somehow trying to make two opposites meet, but they are unwilling to meet; forcing them to meet, but basically, because they are opposites, they cannot meet. And he is using the mind which cannot create synthesis, which is capable only of analysis.

Tao uses meditation, not mind. It is not interested in synthesis at all. It simply moves beyond the mind, and then synthesis comes like a shadow. You can see it happening here.

For example. Take a more contemporary example. Just few years before Mahatma Gandhi tried a great experiment of synthesizing all the religions. He utterly failed. It was bound to happen because he was trying to manufacture synthesis, and synthesis cannot be manufactured. He was trying to do it through the mind. He knew nothing of meditation, he never tried meditation. In the name of religion, all that he knew was prayer - and prayer is of the mind; it is not meditation, it is talking to God. Just as you talk with others you can talk to a God, who may be just imaginary, who is in fact imaginary, because there is no person there.

Prayer is a dialogue, dialogue between you and an imaginary God. Meditation is silence - no dialogue, no monologue either.

Gandhi knew nothing of meditation, but he tried hard to create a certain facade of synthesis. What you can do through the intellect?

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