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Chapter 9: The Man Who Has Conquered Himself

He said, “You can see: he knows only about seven hells and I know about seven hundred. He has gone only up to seven and I have traveled the whole way. And just as there are seven hundred hells, there are exactly seven hundred heavens. His knowledge is very limited, he does not know the whole truth.”

Now, you can go on talking about such things. Some other fool can say that there are seven hundred and one.

A French professor and an American were talking. The French professor said, “There are one hundred positions in which love can be made.”

The American said, “There are a hundred and one.”

Now great argument ensued. The American asked, “You relate your hundred positions, then I will relate my hundred and one positions.”

The French professor described in detail one hundred positions. The hundredth was hanging on a chandelier and doing it in the ear of the woman!

Now was the turn of the American. He said, “The first position is: the woman lies down on her back with the man on top of her.”

The French professor said, “My God! I never thought about it! So you are right - there are a hundred and one. You need not now relate the whole thing; there are a hundred and one. This one I never heard, never thought of even, never could have imagined. You Americans are something!”

These professors, these scholars, they have dominated humanity, and they have distracted humanity from simple existence, from simple life. They have made your minds very sophisticated, clever, cunning, knowledgeable, but they have destroyed your innocence and wonder. And it is innocence and wonder that become the bridge to the immediate - and the immediate is also the ultimate.

Buddha says:

Better than a thousand hollow words
is one word that brings peace.

Better than a thousand hollow words. Your scriptures are full of hollow words, your minds are full of hollow words. You go on talking, not even becoming aware of what you are saying. When you use the word God, do you know what it means? How can you know if you have not known godliness? The word is empty, the word itself cannot have any significance; the significance has to come from your experience.

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