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Chapter 30: Just a Pure Silence with No Feeling of “I”

I feel that I’m in a mystery school now.

You are. And your dream is significant. It may turn out to be your future, it may become your very search. Because ordinarily people are living but their life is not deep enough, it has no roots, it is very superficial. They are doing things as if they are taking part in a drama. They are repeating words which they are supposed to repeat which are not coming from their own sources.

The whole society tries every child to become a hypocrite. Not that they want the child to become a hypocrite - their intentions are very good, but this is the result of their good intentions. They want to make you something, without inquiring whether that is your potential or not. You may have the potential of being a musician, and they may force you to become a mathematician because that is more paying, more respectable; but you will remain your whole life shallow. You will never feel your being in what you are doing. You will do it but not with your totality, intensity, with a love that transforms the very quality of the work. If you had been a musician, perhaps you would not be so respected, perhaps you may not have so much comfortable life; perhaps you may be just a hobo on the street, but just playing on your guitar.


You could have felt your deepest part dancing, your very being in a dance. And to me, to find the way where your potential becomes actual, when you for the first time feel that you’re doing what you are meant to do by existence itself..

I’ve already felt that.

You have not.

That’s why I’m here.

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