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Chapter 3: The Bee Has Received Its Invitation

Ordinarily, we are stuck at the lowest. The first three - muladhar, svadhishthan and manipura - are animal chakras. If you live in the first three you are no more different than the animals - and then you are committing a crime. Not that you are actually committing a crime - you are committing a crime because you will not be able to be what you were meant to be; you will miss the possibility. If a seed does not grow to be a flower, it has committed a crime - against nobody; against himself. And the sin that one commits against oneself is the greatest. In fact, we commit sins towards others only when we have committed the first, fundamental sin against ourselves.

The first three chakras are concerned with food, money, power, domination, sex. food is the lowest, sex is the highest, in the lowest three chakras. This has to be understood. Food is the lowest - a food-obsessed person is in the lowest category of animals. He simply wants to survive. He has no purpose, he just wants to survive to survive. If you ask him for what, he has no answer to give to you.

One day, Mulla Nasruddin told me, “I wish I had more land.”

I asked him, “But why? As it is, you have enough.”

He said, “I could raise a lot more cows.”

I asked him, “And what would you do with them?”

He said, “Sell them and make money.”

“And then? Then what you are going to do with that money?”

“Buy more land.”

And I asked him, “For what?”

“To raise a lot more cows.”

This way it goes, just a vicious circle in which you never come out: you eat to live, you live to eat. This is the lowest possibility. The lowest form of life is the amoeba. The amoeba simply eats, that’s all. An amoeba has no sex life, an amoeba goes on eating whatsoever is available - the amoeba is exactly the symbol of the lowest man. The amoeba has no other organs, only the mouth; his whole body functions as a mouth. He goes on digesting whatsoever comes close by; whatsoever comes close, he simply digests it. From the whole body he absorbs it; his whole body is a mouth. He becomes more and more, bigger and bigger; then comes a point where he is too big and he cannot manage - then he splits in two. Then there are two amoebas instead of one; then they start doing the same thing. The amoeba simply eats and lives, and lives to eat more.

A few people live at this lowest level. Beware of it - life has something more to give to you. It is not just survival, it is survival for something significant. Survival is necessary but is not the end unto itself; it is just a means.

The second type, a little higher than the food-obsessed, is the power-maniac, the politician. He wants to dominate people. For what? He feels very, very inferior deep inside: he wants to show to the world that “I am somebody; I can dominate, I can put you in your right place. He has not put himself in his right place and he tries to put the whole world in its place. He is the ego-obsessed person. He can move in any direction: if he moves into money, he will go on hoarding money - money becomes the power symbol. If he moves into politics, he cannot contain himself until he has reached to the very end - and there is nothing.

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