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Chapter 15: Transformation, Not Consolation

There has been no creation. How can there be “the beginning”? The creation is continuous; it is creativity. If you move back, you will not find the beginning; if you move ahead, you will not find the end. It is beginningless, endless creative energy. So in the first place there was no beginning. God never created the world - there is no God.

And the Bible says, “In the beginning was the word.” That is the most ridiculous thing to say. If we assume just for the argument’s sake that there was a beginning, then I will say, “In the beginning there was silence.” How can there be “the word” in the beginning? Just look at the idea. How can the word be in the beginning? Then what was before the word? Of course there must have been silence, before the word disturbed it.

And silence means much more because that’s the silence I am trying in many ways for you to go into. It was in the beginning, and it is in the middle, and it will be in the end, because at the very center of this whole creativity, of this tremendous creativity of existence, at the very center there is silence.