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Chapter 10: God: The Nobody Everybody Knows

Now, if God sends his own son, can’t he send a small message to the high priest: “Please take care of my son, my only begotten son,” and they are all Jews so they all understand the same language. There would not have been any difficulty - but he remains silent. Jesus is crucified and God is silent; his image is destroyed and he remains absolutely indifferent.

In fact, Jesus was not such a disciplined man as Adolf Hitler. Jesus drank wine and even turned water into wine, which should be a crime. You try turning anything into LSD! Do that miracle and you will be in jail. Turn ordinary grass into “real grass” and you will find what it means to perform a miracle.

Now, this man was turning water into wine, and he was drinking wine without any feeling of guilt. No Hindu, no Mohammedan, no Jaina, no Buddhist will accept this man as an image of God. An image of God drinking alcoholic beverages! The image of God should be the pinnacle of consciousness, and drinking anything alcoholic is just the opposite of being conscious; it is drowning yourself in unconsciousness. It is one of the most anti-religious acts possible.

This man Jesus, although he taught about meekness and humbleness, was very arrogant himself. Buddha could not have accepted him as an image of God. His proclamation, “I am the only son of God,” is the greatest egoistic proclamation ever made. Adolf Hitler’s claim is not that great. Elijah. Who knows this Elijah? He must have looked into the Old Testament and found a name somehow appealing to him for some reason, because with Adolf Hitler you could never be sure what reason. Perhaps he was counting the numbers which numerology gives to each letter of the alphabet, and found that Elijah was a good numerological name - because these were the things in which Adolf Hitler believed: numerology, astrology, palmistry.

You will be surprised that even his attacks on countries were not decided by generals but by astrologers. In fact, this was the reason for his continual victory in the first four years - it was not that astrology is right but that his enemies could not figure out where he was going to attack. If he had been listening to his generals, then of course every other country would have been able to figure out his plans, because all the generals think in a certain way. There is a military science based on simple arithmetic: you don’t attack the enemy where he is strongest; obviously you attack him where he is weakest.

But Adolf Hitler would attack where the enemy was strongest. And the enemy would be thinking: “Here we are strongest; Adolf Hitler is not going to attack here,” so they would move their armies to the weakest point. But he was not going to attack there, because he depended on astrology. The stars were in favor of another point, so at he would attack that point.

Now, if both sides were deciding through the generals, both sides would have been absolutely clear where the attack was going to happen, because both function according to the same logic, but here there was no question of logic. And Adolf Hitler’s word was law. There was no “Why?” - that could not be asked of Adolf Hitler. You could not ask, “Why have you decided on this procedure?”

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