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Chapter 2: Osho Talks on His Work and Vision

Was the silent phase of your work, so to speak, in any way connected with your medical condition?

No, not at all. I had been telling it for years, that one day I’m going to stop speaking and just communicate through silence.

When did you deliver your last discourse?

That date you mentioned.

Okay, all I know is that it was announced that you would stop speaking on May 1st.

That must have been the last.

Who do you communicate with then during this silent stage, aside from the present company?

It is something difficult... less of the intellect and more of the heart.

I would like to know, who do you engage in conversation with?

I don’t engage in anything, I simply sit there silently in a prayerful mood.

Okay, but do you talk with anybody during the silent mood?

No, but that prayerful mood is infectious.

Do you not talk with Sheela?

No, with Sheela I talk every day. That is a different matter.

Okay, that’s what I’m interested in, who you verbally communicate with then during this silent stage.

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