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Chapter 19: Cowards Cannot Enter Here

In case you are worried about what is going to become of you, you are going to become old and almost a woman. But I am saying, almost a woman.. So never worry about the future, it is certain. You are going to become old, and you are going to become almost like a woman: suspicious, jealous, irritable, annoyed for no reason at all.

Even the most beautiful woman turns out to be terrible - terrific! It is a miracle of nature. Just keep away! From the distance the woman looks divine, and as you come closer and open your eyes, you say, “My god, here is the devil!”

.Women are dressed but very few are clothed.

The case with men is just the opposite: men are clothed, but very rarely dressed. Simple differences, but of great psychological importance.

Devageet, there is nothing to be worried about, because love is as blind in old age as ever, but the neighbors are never blind - so beware of the neighbors. Old age cannot disturb your blind love.

You have asked for some consoling advice.but:

.A good scare is worth more to a man than good advice.

.Advice is the only thing everybody gives and nobody takes.

In old age, Devageet, the past always looks better than it was. It is only pleasant because it is not there now; that is the beauty of old age. Youth looks golden; childhood looks almost diamond. Everything that is no longer there becomes a long history of beautiful experiences. When you were a child, you never enjoyed it. Every child wants to grow up as soon and as quickly as possible, because he can see that people who are grown up are powerful, are capable of doing anything they want to do, have all the money. Naturally every child wants to grow up faster. No child enjoys his childhood.

If a child can enjoy his childhood, he will be able to enjoy his youth and he will be able to enjoy his old age, and he will be able finally to enjoy even his death. Everything begins from the beginning.

But I have never come across a child who enjoys it. He is waiting for youth to come, when he will enjoy. And youth is a time of great turmoil: up and down.it is troublesome, no rest. Either chasing or being chased; either fighting or just preparing for fight.you cannot even sit silently.

Mulla Nasruddin was asking me, just as Devageet is asking, “What to do? The moment I utter any single word, my wife just grabs me and the fight starts.”

So I said, “Why don’t you sit silently? Why do you start even a single word?”

He said, “I have tried that. She grabbed that too, she immediately said, ‘Why are you sitting silently? What is the meaning of it? Are you trying to ignore me? I am here and you are sitting silent.’”

I said, “Then it is very difficult. You can only do two things: either you can be silent or you can speak. Then do one thing: agree with your wife - just to avoid confrontation, whatever she says, agree.”

He said, “Osho, you are unmarried, you don’t know. The moment you agree with a woman she changes the subject. And if you go on agreeing with her, bankruptcy is not far away.”

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