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Chapter 5: Vital Experiments in Meditation

The process of meditation does not take you to some new world; it only introduces you to the world in which you have already been for lives upon lives. The process of meditation does not add anything to you; it only takes away what is wrong - cuts it away, sheds it.

Someone once said to a sculptor, “You have made a very beautiful statue.”

The sculptor said, “I have not made it. I was only passing by and the statue hidden in this stone called out to me. I have only cut away the unwanted parts of the stone that were there and the statue has appeared. I have not added anything, I have only taken something away.”

If one cuts away what is false in man, what is hidden in him becomes manifest. Godliness is not something different from man; it is the name of the energy hidden in man. But as we are, there is a lot of clay mixed in with the gold. If the clay is removed, the gold becomes manifest.

So the first thing that I have to say to you about meditation is that what you will become in the final stages of meditation, you already are here and now. Meditation will not add anything to you but it will remove some things from you. It will cut away the wrong in you, it will destroy some things that are not wanted, and what is real will have the opportunity to manifest totally. Nothing new will be added, only what is hindering your growth will be dropped.

The experiments that we are going to do during these four days in order to drop these hindrances that are blocking your growth are very vital, very alive experiments. For all those of you who are ready to do them honestly, results are certain. It will be good to understand what I mean by the word honestly. I mean results are certain for those who really experiment totally. Only those who are not total will get no results - and they cannot expect results. I am not asking anything else from you. No, no other qualification is needed. Only one qualification is required: do what I am asking you to do during these four days.

And what I am going to ask you to do is not difficult, it is simple - even small children can do it. You need not think that it may be so difficult that you won’t be able to do it. No, if there is going to be any difficulty, it will only be because you are being insincere with yourself. It will not be in the technique itself, because even any small child who understands language can do it.

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