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Chapter 8: We Can Share

I his country is in such a situation that if you solve one problem you create ten others immediately. It is a mess! If you really want to solve the problems, people go against you. She told Laxmi that, “I perfectly agree with Osho that population has to be reduced, and it can be reduced only forcibly. But we have tried and that does not work because the country is a democratic country: people become enemies, then you can’t come back into power again.” And whatsoever Indira and Sanjay together did in five years, Morarji Desai undid within three years. Now the problems are again the same - or even far more worse.

China now has the greatest population in the world, but by the end of this century India will have the greatest population, because China is not a democracy and they are using every possible way to prevent the growth of population. And they are succeeding.

By the end of this century India will be the greatest populated country in the world and, of course, it will have the greatest problems - almost impossible to solve. They can be solved right now, but to solve them means you have to fight with the people for their own sake. They will be against you. They are against me for the simple reason because whatsoever I say can be of help, but it goes against their traditions, against their conventions, against their orthodox mind.

Sanjay created more enemies in the country than friends for the simple reason that he really wanted to help the country. He was far more interested in the well-being of the country than becoming a popular leader. If you want to be a popular leader you have to be a follower of your followers; you have just to say what they want to listen. He created more enemies than friends, he was the most hated person, for the simple reason because he had great dreams to help the country. And he had a clear vision - and he was on the right track.

All the idiots of the country deep down will be feeling very happy, that “It is good that he is gone!” Now they can continue living their old stupidities and superstitions.

I was shocked to know that on his funeral they were chanting Vedic mantras; that is not right. He would not have liked that at all. He was not a believer of any religion. He certainly believed in service and he believed that to serve is the only way to come closer to God - and he was right! And they were doing all kinds of foolish things, and Indira was in such a shock that she simply looked dazed, didn’t say anything. The Indian priests, the Indian priesthood, immediately took over the chants; in their hands.

And the people who were against him are now praising. People are so stupid, so unconscious, so mechanical; they don’t know what they go on doing. If they had supported this young man he would have been a blessing to the country. But they tried in every possible way to prevent him. There were at least hundred cases against him in the courts. He was running from one court to another court, for last three years. He has been harassed as much as anybody can be harassed, but he faced all that harassment without any strain, without any tension; he accepted it as part of his life.

If you want to change people, if you want to bring a radical change in their life, if you want to bring a revolution, you have to accept all these things as your destiny; they are inevitable.

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