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Chapter 41: Distributing Health

I said, “It is such a simple thing. When you sleep with an open mouth, anything can enter. You are fortunate that only flies have entered. I have seen people.rats have entered..”

He said, “My God, rats?”

I said, “Not only rats, but behind rats, cats also..”

He said, “Those people must be in great trouble.”

I said, “They are. You are nothing; your case is very simple - just two flies. You just lie down here, and I will take them out.”

He said, “You are the first man who has shown understanding to a poor boy. Nobody listens to me. I am insistently saying that they are there. I show them the place.they are here, now they have moved here.and they all laugh, and they make me look foolish.”

I said, “They are all fools. They have not come across such cases, but this is my special expertise. I deal only with people who sleep with an open mouth.”

He said, “I understand, because immediately you recognized that they are there - exactly where they were.”

I told his parents to stay out of the house and leave him for fifteen minutes with me. I told him to lie down. I blindfolded his eyes and told him to keep his mouth open.

But he said, “If more flies go in.?”

I said, “You don’t be worried; this is air-conditioned and there are no flies. You just lie down with your mouth open, and I will try and persuade the flies to come out.”

I left him there and ran around the house, somehow to catch two flies - for the first time, because I had never done that. But somehow I managed, and I brought two flies in a small bottle. And while I was keeping the bottle on his mouth I removed his blindfold and said, “Look!”

He said, “These two small flies.but what a turmoil they were creating! My whole life was ruined. Now can you give me these flies?”

I said, “I can, yes.” I closed the bottle and gave it to him.

I asked him, “What are you going to do?”

He said, “I am going to go to all those doctors and physicians who have been taking fees and doing nothing and just telling me, ‘There are no flies.’ Anybody who has told me that, I am going to show them that these are the flies.”

And he was cured: just an idea his mind got stuck with. But if you go to the psychoanalyst, he will make a mountain out of a molehill - so many theories, explanations, and it takes years and still the problem will remain, because the problem has not been touched. He has been philosophizing about it: he is trying his philosophy on this poor patient.

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