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Chapter 18: The Mind Goes Out of Employment

Either you are simple or you are not. There are not categories that one is a little more simple and the other a little more.Simplicity does not belong to the world of categories, measurements. It is a quality, and you have not to do anything to be simple. That is one of the most important things to remember. Millions of religious people have tried to be simple, but when you try to be simple, your simplicity itself becomes tremendously complex. It is not authentic simplicity which is created by effort. Simplicity has to be spontaneous, by understanding and not by effort; by meditation, not by action. You have simply to understand that mind has a certain sickness of making things complex.

One German philosopher, Immanuel Kant, was approached by a beautiful young woman. She waited long, but he must have been a man like Niskriya. He never looked this way or that way. He simply went from his home directly to the university. He functioned almost like a robot. People used to fix their watches on seeing Immanuel Kant going to the university. When he was coming back, it again showed the time.

The girl gathered courage and told him that she loved him. He was very much shocked that somebody loved him - it is becoming a dangerous situation. He said, “I will think about it.”

She said, “No, I really love you.”

He said, “You may love; that is your problem.”

“.and I want to get married to you.”

He said, “It is a very complicated problem. First, I have to find out all the pros and cons about marriage - what will be the benefit and what will be the trouble - and weigh them. Unless I come to a point where I see that to be married is better, you will have to forgive me.”

And he worked hard, looking into encyclopedias, poetry, love stories. Then he said, “My God, what trouble I’m getting into. Already, my whole time is wasted by investigation and I am not married.” In three years he accumulated three hundred points in favor of marriage and two hundred and ninety-nine points against marriage.

A friend told him, “You should understand one thing: this intellectual agony that you are going through, even without getting married, in three years you have got a real taste of it. And I suggest one thing more to you: whenever it is a question to experience a thing or not to experience a thing it is better to experience. That will make you more mature.”

So the list was now equal. And the friend said, “Don’t be afraid. All over the world everybody is married.”

So he said, “Okay, if you all say - and now the points are the same. I will go.” And he knocked on the doors of the girl’s house.

Her father came out and he said, “You have come a little late. My girl got married three years ago. Now she has two children. You will have to find someone else.”

He said, “No, I don’t want to find someone else. I am relieved of such a burden. In these three years I have been in such a torture. It is enough experience.”

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