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Chapter 1: The Tremendous Statement

And the creation of hierarchies makes it difficult for almost anyone to be unprejudiced. When the child is born, we have good intentions, but good intentions do not mean that they are going to lead you to the truth. Everybody is burdened with good intentions - with Shrimad Bhagavadgita, with the Holy Koran, with the Holy Bible. Continuously repeating anything, slowly slowly it becomes a truth to you. And for centuries these religions have been repeating.

Isan chose Kyozan to be his successor. It took forty years of tremendous work on him, because he was a simple man, and in the first place he was not in search of truth. Just think of some man who is not in search of truth, and you go on knocking on his door every day.

Look at the Witnesses of Jehovah! Whether you want to listen to them or not - that is immaterial - you have to listen, you have to confess. And now Pope the Polack has made it a sin.He is a discoverer of a new sin - all old sinners who are dead must be tossing and turning in their graves that they missed - he has declared that to confess to God directly is a sin; you should go through the right channel. You should go to the priest, confess to him, receive the punishment, and the priest will take care of you, so that on the Judgment Day when God opens all the graves, the priest will be a witness that, “This fellow is good; as punishment he has given five dollars to you.”

But God is going to be in a difficulty, particularly in India. Most of the population believe in fire and burn the dead body. When he opens the Hindu graves, he himself may freak out - just skeletons, and not even a passport! But I always think how you will look, something similar to the photo that you are carrying in your passport but without the skin.

And I cannot conceive that the judgment is going to be over in one day. In the millions of years, trillions of people have lived on the earth. Some researcher has calculated that, wherever you are sitting, you are sitting on ten dead men’s skeletons. Don’t be afraid, they are very good people! And remember also that the judgment is not only for men. Women will also be there. And women will be chattering so much: “What is the news? Who are the new arrivals?”

I don’t think God will be able to manage, and perhaps that is the reason Jesus says, “The Judgment Day is coming soon - in your life,” but it has not even come up to now, though two thousand years have passed. I can say to you the judgment will never come, because it is not feasible.

And there will be on Judgment Day a tremendous bloodless fight amongst the skeletons; because one man has been a husband in his hundreds of lives to hundreds of women, one woman has been a wife to hundreds of men in her past lives. And everybody will be pulling at each other. Somebody is pulling at your leg, “Where are you going?” The whole world will be such a mess that I say unto you definitively that the idea of judgment has been postponed forever.

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