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Chapter 30: Live It, Enjoy It

This is just what my wife warned me about.

That’s good. Somehow help her to come here.

No way.

All wives who run, come here finally. You can run from one husband to another husband, but finally you have to run from husbands - and that is my place. Here there is no husband and no wife.

Do you put any premium at all on marital fidelity? Is it worth anything?

Nothing - just nothing.

You don’t think it might be different, marriage to marriage - good for some, not good for others?

No, the very word fidelity is ugly, dirty.

How so?

If I love you, I love you. If I don’t love you, I don’t love you. I am a simple, sincere, straightforward man.

What do you mean by fidelity? Fidelity means, when you don’t love, even then remain faithful. Anything that goes against love is ugly. What is the need of fidelity? If I love you, is that not enough? You need some fidelity too? That means there is a doubt in your mind. You are afraid: today love is there, tomorrow it may not be. So something legal, religious - the church, the court, and some conditioning of fidelity. So when love goes away and the spring is over, you can cling to these props: fidelity, courts, law, religion, church. Love needs nothing.

You have never been married?

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