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Chapter 4: Man Is a Journey

If we are to stand and let the waters settle on their own, why all the active meditations?

If you can sit, there is no need for meditations. In Japan, for meditation they have the word zazen. It means just sitting, doing nothing. If you can sit, not doing anything, this is the ultimate in meditations. There is no need for any other thing.

But can you sit? There is the crux of the whole problem. Can you sit? Can you just sit, doing nothing? If that is possible just sit, do nothing - everything settles by itself, everything simply flows by itself. You are not needed to do anything. But the problem is can you sit?

It happened. On a small hillock near a village, a man was standing. It was just morning and the sun had arisen, and three persons had gone just for a morning walk and they looked at the man. And, as minds go, they started talking about what this man was doing there. One man suggested that he must be there looking for his cow. “Sometimes his cow gets lost. Then he goes to the hilltop and looks for it. From there you can look on all sides.”

The other man said, “But he is not looking on all sides. He is simply standing, so that cannot be the cause. I feel he must have come for a morning walk with a friend and the friend has been left behind so he’s waiting for him.”

The third one said, “This is not right - because if you are waiting for someone, sometimes you look back. He’s not looking back at all.” The third said, “I think he is meditating. Look at his robes; he is a sannyasin. He must be meditating.”

Their discussion become so hot that they said, “Now we will have to go to the hilltop and ask this man himself, ‘What are you doing here?’”

They walked miles to reach to the hilltop. The first man asked, “What are you doing here? I think you have lost your cow and you are looking for it.”

The man opened his eyes and he said, “No.”

The second man stepped forward and asked, “Then I must be right. Are you waiting for somebody who has been left behind?”

He said, “No.”

Then the third was happy. He said, “Then I was absolutely right. Are you meditating?

The man said, “No.”

All the three were at a loss, and they all three said, “What are you saying? You say no to everything. Then what are you doing?”

The man said, “I am just standing here doing nothing.”