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Chapter 28: To Be a Stranger

You have to love your children, you have to love your wife, you have to love your husband, you have to love your parents, you have to love your priests, elders, neighbors.. There are even teachers like Jesus who say you have to love your enemies too! Just don’t love yourself. This strange logic has destroyed your very roots of loving.

I say unto you: first and foremost, love yourself. And if you can love yourself, others will start getting your love very naturally, without any pretensions, very spontaneously. A man full of love soon starts overflowing. You cannot contain your love into the small space you have within you. Your love is far greater than you are. Your love can fill the whole earth. A single man’s love can fill the whole universe. It is so vast that you can go on sharing with everybody.

But if your very source remains closed, then all that is left is to pretend. Everybody is pretending: that’s why there is so much talk about love, so much poetry, so much literature. And if you go around you don’t find love anywhere, you never encounter it.

I want the whole universe to be a loving, rejoicing universe. But I see where humanity has failed; where its teachers, messengers of God and saviors have taken a wrong route. They listened to logic and they forgot that logic is absolutely man-made - it has nothing to do with your nature. Nature has no obligation to fulfill logical conclusions. If your nature has to be heard, it will become a simple thing to understand.

Love yourself so that all your loving sources become open, all blocks are removed. And if you can love yourself - with all your frailties, with all your weaknesses, with all your errors - you can love anybody in the world. You will have tremendous compassion and understanding because you commit the same mistakes; your errors are the same are, your frailties are the same.

The people who have never loved themselves have never come in contact with themselves. Yes, they are in contact with others, but it is a very strange situation. You are not in contact with yourself - how can you be in contact with others? Who is going to be in contact with others? Who are you?

At that point you simply don’t know. You know that you have a contact with your friend, you have a contact with your children, you have a contact with your mother.but who are you? And the same is the situation of your mother, your friend, your children: they don’t know who they are. Nobody knows who he is and everybody is in contact with everybody else. Can you think of anything more insane than this situation?

Once you become an outsider, settled, confirmed, you will be surprised that now authentic contacts start happening. Because you are now in contact with your own being you will have such a magnetic pull that those who are seeking, those who are searching, those who are longing for something to happen in their life, those who don’t want to live an empty and meaningless life, will start coming in contact with you.

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