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Chapter 8: You’re Not Plugged In

It is one of the reasons, because of his perhaps, that he could not gather a very big gathering of disciples - one of the greatest enlightened persons. But people want certainty; they are living in uncertain lives. People want beliefs; they are drowning. Their situation is like the old Jew who had fallen on the street with sunstroke and was almost dying. And a Christian priest saw the crowd. He entered the crowd and he said, “The old man needs me. Just let me come in. He is dying!”

And he went by the side of the Jew, not knowing that he was a Jew, and whispered in his ear, “This is the moment! Remember God, God the Father, Holy Ghost, Jesus Christ the Son, the only begotten Son of God. Remember.”

The old Jew opened his eyes and he looked at the crowd and said, “Who is this crazy man? I am dying and he is talking in puzzles. What God? What Holy Ghost? Who is the only begotten son? I am dying here and this idiot.”

People do not want puzzles. People want clear-cut belief systems. But Mahavira never gave a single belief system to anyone. If you ask him if God is, he will say, “Perhaps.” But a God who is a perhaps is not much of a God. You cannot worship a God who is a perhaps. Then your prayer will be perhaps. You cannot create a religion out of the idea of relativity. Ifs and buts are prohibited from religious systems.

And people don’t want anything that will create more confusion in their minds, howsoever great the source from which it may be coming. They are searching for some small beliefs that can give them a kind of security, safety, a God who will be their protector, to whom they can pray in difficult times. And almost all the time is a difficult time. And if you don’t have even a God to pray to, you are left in deep aloneness.

And a man like Mahavira, rather than giving you some comfort, some consolation, tells you perhaps about everything. No consolation. But he has a great insight about you. He knows even if you believe in God, your belief is only an if. It cannot be more than that, because your unconscious knows nothing about God. Have you ever dreamed about God?

I have asked many, many people, “Have you ever dreamed of God?” They say, “No.” The unconscious has not even heard the word God. And nobody has repressed God so deep into himself that it becomes part of the unconscious and uncoils in your dream like a djinn coming out of a bottle. And you will meet neither Jesus Christ nor Buddha. It is very strange.

Your unconscious is your greater reality, and Mahavira is correct when he says only perhaps about everything. He is making you aware that in your situation nothing can be more certain than that. Change the situation, make your whole being full of light - it does not mean that you will become absolutely certain. It simply means all questions will disappear. There will be no answer.

In authentic totality of consciousness, there is no question. You don’t ask about God or hell or heaven. You simply don’t ask about anything. You are so silent. Out of your silence questions cannot come. Questions grow in the mind, and you are so far away and beyond the mind - in your innermost center - where there is no question and there is no answer. You are tremendously fulfilled, contented, at ease.with existence, with yourself, with everything.

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