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Chapter 15: Cancel Your Ticket, There’s Nowhere to Go!

You can help them. Never try to show that you know more than their knowledge; that is something which hurts people very much, because knowledge is the most nourishing element for the ego. When you challenge somebody’s knowledge, you have challenged his whole being; all that he knows himself to be is just his ego.

I have heard that a Catholic priest was watching Michael, and he saw that he pulled out two ten dollar bills from the collection plate and did not put anything in the plate. The priest said to himself, “I had better be watchful of Michael.”

The next Sunday it happened again. Now, this was too much! Again, Michael pulled out two ten dollar bills. The priest went outside the church and waited there for him. As the mass finished, Michael came out and the priest accosted him, asking him, “Michael, why are you doing this? Instead of putting something in the collection plate, for two weeks you have been taking twenty dollars each time, and I have been waiting..”

Michael had tears in his eyes.he said, “Father, forgive me, but I was in such a situation that I had to do it. If you were in my situation even you would have done it.”

The father said, “What was the situation?”

Michael said, “I so much wanted a blow job.”

The priest had never heard the words blow job, but nobody wants to recognize his ignorance, to admit, “I don’t know what this is.”

So he said, “Okay, okay - do whatsoever job you want to do, but don’t pull money out of the plate! Otherwise I will have to expose you before the whole congregation.”

But now.more than those dollars, the priest was worried about this blow job! What is it? He has read all the literature.theology, psychology - blow job? He could not do anything else, he was continuously thinking - what is it? But who to ask? because asking means you don’t know, asking means recognizing your ignorance.

He couldn’t sleep. That blow job continued in his mind. Finally he got up and phoned Mother Agatha. She was an old lady, experienced, and he thought she could be asked. Many times when there had been some theological problem he had asked her, and she had always given him good advice.

So he asked her, “Mother Agatha, you have always been such a help to me - whenever I am stuck with some problem you have always given me the right key. Today I again have a question for you: What is a blow job?”

Mother Agatha said, “Oh, about twelve dollars.”

For the poor priest nothing was solved. He knows the price, but he does not know what the job is! But it was better now to keep silent.

Never make anybody feel ignorant, never make anybody feel judged, never make anybody feel inferior. Be respectful, be loving, even to those who may not agree with you. Perhaps you can create an atmosphere, and you can become the bridge for your whole family, your friends, to sannyas.

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