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Chapter 20: The Commune: A Model for Society

You don’t follow any particular lineage or any particular tradition, and I wondered what you could say about that, because it seems to me that a lot of things you do are very traditional.

I don’t follow any tradition. And anybody who follows any tradition can never arrive to know the reality.

All traditions are dead. Don’t make the distinction that you are talking about: living traditions. Tradition means that which is dead. Once it may have been living.

What about a lineage of spirituality, a lineage of students and teachers working together from one generation to another, such as your students here? Who knows what it’ll carry on to in the next generation? But hopefully if they have some kind of realization, it wouldn’t just stop with them.

There is no possibility for anybody to carry my experience to another generation. In fact, it is impossible for me to express it to my own disciples. It is inexpressible. All that can be done is, it can be indicated, not explained.

I don’t mean explained, I mean transmitted - by creating this type of a situation, for instance, for people to realize their minds or themselves.

Yes. Devices and situations can be created, but when the person will realize the truth it will be his own. It will not be my truth.

So I can help to create a situation in which he realizes his truth, but it is not my truth. And, hence, truth never becomes a tradition because it never becomes a theory, a philosophy, a theology.

That student in his own way may create situations, may help people, but they will be realizing their truth.

What I was speaking of was the fact that enlightened energy or enlightenment can continue from one generation to another.

There is no way. It is not something that can be given from one to another as inheritance. That’s why truth always remains new, fresh. It never becomes old.

Millions of people may have experienced, but it was their truth, their experience.

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