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Chapter 13: Inner Integrity

It is as if you were standing in your house by the side of a window and looking outside. The frame of the window becomes the frame of the sky although you know well that the sky has no frame. There is a trend in modern painting not to frame the painting. It has significance. The moment you frame the painting it becomes artificial, because existence is unframed; all frames are man-made. Existence has no frame. But if you look from the window, then the frame of the window becomes the frame of the sky; and the sky has no frame. And if you have always looked from the window and you have never been outside the house, then naturally you will think that the limitation of the window is the limitation of the sky. Looking from the body, you become framed within the body; it is just a window. Looking from the mind, you become framed within the mind; it is again just a window. Looking from the self, you become framed within the self; it is again just a window.

Once you start coming out of these windows, then you know that even the sky is not your limit; you are unlimited. You are as unlimited as the whole: you are the whole. There will be great transformations.

On the body level sexuality will disappear. Sex will be there, but sexuality will disappear. When you get identified with sex it becomes sexuality. When you are not identified with sex then it is as beautiful as anything else, but it is not sexual; it is simple sex, natural sex. Animals are not sexual. They have sex, but they are not sexual. If you show a dog the nude picture of his girlfriend he will not be interested - not at all. You cannot circulate magazines like Playboy to the animals; they will not be interested at all, they will not look. They are not sexual, they have no sexual fantasy, they don’t think about it. Their sex is pure and simple. It has not become cerebral, it has not entered into their head.

When sex enters into the head it becomes sexuality. When sex is sex it is beautiful. When you eat because you are hungry it is beautiful, but when you become obsessed with food then you are mad. When you start thinking about food, sitting and meditating on food with closed eyes, in the night dreaming about food, then you are mad. Then your hunger has moved beyond the limits of sanity. You take a bath - good, but you don’t think about it the whole day. You don’t fantasize about standing under the shower again and again; if you start doing that, then something is wrong.

I have heard..

A woman was very fat. Her psychoanalyst suggested to her that she should find a beautiful nude picture of a woman. “Stick it on your fridge so that whenever you open the fridge, you will see the beautiful, proportionate body of the woman and that will bring you to your senses: What are you doing with your body?”

And it helped. Again and again she would be opening it, taking things out and in, and she would see the beautiful, proportionate body. Within one month she lost twelve pounds. But another thing happened - the husband gained twelve pounds! Because of that nude picture, he started going to the fridge again and again and when you go to the fridge - of course - Coca-Cola, Fanta, ice-cream.he started eating. So the wife lost, the husband gained.

Sexuality simply means that sex has become a mind thing; it has entered into your mentality. Anything, when it moves beyond its center, becomes ill. Gurdjieff used to say that man’s centers have got very confused. If you search in man you will find great confusion. Sex you will find in the head - where it should not be; that is not the center for it.

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