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Chapter 2: The Sword of Meditation

But just to cover up, to show that “we cared.” But the care came when I was already out of the jail.

India has been in slavery for two thousand years. If this slavery had only made India poor that would not have been such a big thing. But this slavery took away from India even the remembrance that there is also an inner affluence, that there is also a dignity of the soul which can neither be weighed against material wealth nor bought with material wealth. Whatever is significant in life.there is no way to buy it with wealth. And the education that three hundred years of British slavery gave to India was less of an education and more of a poison. It filled India’s own genius with anti-Indian poison.

Today, you are not even aware of what amazing heights you were soaring to in the days of the Upanishads. Today, you don’t even know of the faraway stars that your mystics, Kabir, Nanak, Dadu and Farid, have touched. Today, you are not even aware that Buddha, Mahavira, have attained to the ultimate peak - the Everest of consciousness latent in mankind. We are the heirs to all of this. And to be an heir is no ordinary responsibility. We have to take this inheritance to the whole world, because man in the world has nothing; man is hollow.

Christianity, Islam and Judaism, the three religions that are born outside of India, are not even worth calling religions. Because where there is no place for meditation, there can be no possibility of religion, and in these three religions, there is no place for meditation. This country has sharpened the science of meditation for thousands of years, has made it into a sword. We have something that no one else has.

Opposing me is not opposing me. I am an ordinary man, a man just like you - what can come of opposing me? The European Parliament has decided that I cannot even land my plane anywhere, on any European airport. One night at 12 o’clock I arrived at London Airport. I wanted to stay there for six hours - even that was not permissible! And next day there was a question about it in England’s parliament, when the prime minister of England, Margaret Thatcher, said, “This man is dangerous.” I have no nuclear weapon on me. I would have been sleeping for six hours in my airplane at the airport. What danger would that have created for England?

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