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Chapter 22: Tomorrow Is in the Womb of Today

A very cunning strategy not to allow you to live.. But it cannot be said directly, because then you will not follow it. It has to be made sweet-sounding, tasteful. Thinking of the future - when you will not be here, sacrificing for things which never materialize.

The people who took part in the revolution in Russia in 1917 had sacrificed everything for the revolution because it was to bring a classless society, a society where nobody would be higher than anybody else, a society of freedom. Those poor people are in their graves. All their sacrifice has turned their country into a vast concentration camp! Every Russian is imprisoned - no freedom of any sort. Before the revolution at least he was free to rebel; now even that is not possible.

He is being given information only by the government. No other publications, newspapers, magazines, exist in Russia. So the government goes on saying whatever it wants to say. There is no question of right and wrong. There is no way for the Russians to decide whether this is true or not.

We used to think of the Dark Ages - they have not passed, they still exist around the earth.

But the people who had sacrificed were not intentionally creating a country of slaves; they were thinking riches would be distributed. But before distributing riches you have to have them. Russia was a poor country. In a poor country if one percent of the people are rich, you can distribute their wealth but nobody will become richer by that. So in fact what has happened is, poverty has been equally distributed. Yes, it gives a certain consolation that nobody is richer than you, everybody is just like you.

And Russia is very afraid to send Russians outside Russia for any purpose, because there they can see a totally different world.

But the people who had sacrificed could not live their life. And the ideals for which they had sacrificed have not materialized.

In India, I have seen that happen with my own eyes. My whole family - except me - was involved in the freedom movement. And they were all angry with me; they asked me, “Don’t you value freedom?”

I said, “I value freedom, but not in a stupid way. What you are doing will not bring freedom to the country, it will only change masters. Slaves will remain slaves.” And in forty years I have proved that what I had said is true.

Just a few months ago my uncle was here. He was a great freedom fighter, went to jail and suffered much. And I asked him, “Now just look backwards: has any of your dream been fulfilled?”

He had tears in his eyes, and he said, “You were so young, but you were right and we were wrong. Freedom has not come; on the contrary, the country has become more and more poor.”

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