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Chapter 8: The Man of Enlightened Freedom

When a small child comes into the world, he is just a clean slate; and you immediately start writing on his slate without even bothering to ask his permission. You make him a Christian, you make him a Hindu, you make him a Mohammedan; you make him anything you want to make him - and you don’t understand that consciousness is not something that you can give a mode to, a certain pattern. What ultimately happens from all your efforts and intentions is a hypocrite, a person who knows that he is doing something but his heart is not in it. He becomes phony; he becomes a slave of all the others who surround him. Not only the living ones but the dead ones also are creating your slavery.

Engo’s statement is, The enlightened man enjoys perfect freedom in active life. He is not a slave to any tradition, to any culture, to any civilization. He lives according to his own spontaneity, according to his own awareness.

And that is one of the troubles: the enlightened person is bound to be misunderstood, because the whole world is full of slaves. They cannot understand the language of freedom.

It is almost like selling eyeglasses to a world of blind people. Even if they have the glasses, they are of no use - they cannot see, they don’t have the eyes.

A man went to one eye specialist and asked him, “Check my eyes. Do you think I will be able to read if you prescribe glasses?”

The eye specialist said, “Of course you will be able to read.”

He wrote the prescription and the glasses were made. But the man said, “By the way, I must inform you that I don’t know how to read.”

The specialist said, “You are strange! You should have said this before, because even with glasses, if you don’t know how to read, you are not going to read.”

People are carrying scriptures which describe freedom, which even talk about freedom from scriptures. People are worshipping statues of persons like Gautam Buddha whose last words were, “Remember these are my last words, my last wish: my statues should not be made.” Ten thousand sannyasins were listening, and as it happened, there are now more statues of Gautam Buddha in the world than of anyone else. A single temple in China even has ten thousand Buddhas. The whole mountain, miles long, has been carved into Buddha statues.

It is strange blindness. It is strange misunderstanding..

And a man of freedom is bound to be condemned by slaves because the slaves cannot accept the idea that they are slaves. So anybody who is enlightened and becomes a man of freedom, becomes a danger to millions of egos. His freedom to fly across the sky with open wings is bound to be condemned by all those who are crippled, who are caught in cages. The cages may be of gold - very precious, cozy, a good shelter - but the joy of being on your own wings in the sky, unlimited, with no barriers, no boundaries, is much more valuable than any golden cage.

Engo says, The enlightened man enjoys perfect freedom in active life. He is not bound by any morality, not bound by any rules, not bound by any ethos, not bound by any society, any civilization, any culture, any education. He remains true and honest to his own being. He does not care whether his action is going against the society, whether his action is going against the scriptures. All that he is committed to is his own spontaneous response. He has no other commitments. He cannot be a Christian or a Mohammedan or a Jew or a Jaina. He can only be a human being without any fetters.

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