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Chapter 6: Balancing Chakras.and Beyond

I can describe these chakras in this way too. First, the material - muladhar. Second, the vital - svadhishthan. Third, the sexual, the electrical - manipura. Fourth, the moral, aesthetic - anahata. Fifth, the religious - visuddha. Sixth, the spiritual - agya. And seventh, the divine - sahasrar.

As you move higher, your sleep will go deeper and will have a new quality to it. The man who is food-obsessed and lives only to eat and eat and eat, his sleep will be very disturbed. His sleep will not have silence, peace to it; his sleep will not have music in it. His sleep will be nightmarish. the man who is a little higher than the food-addict, a man who is more interested in persons that in things and wants to absorb people, will have a deeper sleep - but not very deep. The sexual person will have the deepest, in the lower realm. That’s why sex is used almost as a tranquilizer. If you cannot fall asleep, make love - and immediately you will be falling asleep. Love relieves you of tensions. In the West, doctors go on prescribing sex for those who suffer from sleeplessness. Now they even prescribe sex for people who are prone to heart-attacks, because sex relaxes, gives you deep sleep.

On the lowest plane, sex gives you the deepest sleep. Then if you move still higher, with the fourth - anahata - sleep becomes tremendously tranquil, silent, very purifying and refined. When you love somebody, your relaxation is tremendous, immense. Just the idea that somebody loves you and you love somebody, relaxes you; all tensions are gone. The world is no longer alien, it is a home. With love, the house is transformed into a home and the alien world becomes a community, and nothing is far away. Through the person you love, God has come very much closer. A loving person knows a deep sleep. Hate, and you will miss your sleep. Be angry, and you will miss your sleep - you will fall lower. Love, have compassion, and you will have a deep sleep.

With the fifth, sleep becomes almost prayerful. Hence, all the religions of the world have been insisting that before you go into sleep, pray. Let prayer be associated with sleep. Never fall into sleep without prayer, so the rhythm goes on vibrating in your sleep. The reverberations of the prayer will transform your sleep. The fifth is the center of prayer - and if you can pray, and if you can fall asleep praying, you will be surprised in the morning: you will awake, and you will awake praying. Your very wakefulness will be a sort of prayer. With the fifth, sleep becomes prayer. It is no longer ordinary sleep. You are not only going into sleep, you are going in a subtle way into God.

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