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Chapter 36: Enlightenment: The By-product of Being in the Present

The sleeping people.howsoever different they may be, in their sleep all their differences disappear. A man may be a painter, a poet, a scientist, or he may have other talents which make him different from other people - but they are all asleep. The asleep man is predictable because he knows nothing of response; he only reacts. You do something, and he will react - which can be predicted.

So sociology has a basic difficulty, and that is, it has to be divided into two parts: the first part should be studying the reactions, the relationships of the sleeping humanity. And there will not be any difficulty in making a science out of it. Every sleepy person is going to be jealous, is going to be full of hatred, is going to make every effort to monopolize, is going to be competitive, is going to suffer from an inferiority complex - or a superiority complex, which is just the other side of the coin.

His life is almost the same, down the centuries, around the world. Cultures are different, religions are different, civilizations are different, but the sleep is simply sleep. It does not matter whether you are asleep in the nineteenth century or in the twentieth century; your reactions will be coming out of your sleep, which does not know anything of time, of change.

So the first part of sociology is not going to be difficult. But it is not the true part. It is the false humanity that you are trying to study.

The true part is of those few awakened individuals whom you will have to study separately. There is no way to make a category of them: in every way they are unique. And you should not mix them in with the sleepy people; then it becomes a mess. Then things become more complicated.

It is better to divide sociology into two parts. One that belongs to the people who are asleep - and that is a very simple job. The second is the difficult job, but not impossible. You can study the awakened people - although they are few. The first part will remain static; the second part will remain growing, because the more you will study new awakened people, the more light, the more dimensions will open up.

To avoid these difficulties, sociology has chosen not to study the individual but to study the whole group, its mechanism. This is a simple device to avoid the difficulties, but it is not going to lead to the truth, and it is not going to make it a science.

So I can understand the difficulty of a person who becomes a sannyasin, and who is a trained sociologist, who teaches in the university. Now he will be finding difficulties in which he is not clearly aware what is happening.

The first difficulty is that he can no longer say that sociology is a science, because he is aware of exceptions - the awakened people - not only one but many. Secondly, he cannot accept the idea of studying society as a whole from the outside, because that is a futile effort.

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