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Chapter 6: Balancing Chakras.and Beyond

Sleep is a door when you forget your ego; and it is easier to drop into God than while you are awake, because when you are awake the ego is very strong. When you fall deep into sleep your healing powers function to their total optimum capacity. Hence the physicians say that if a person is ill and cannot sleep then there is no possibility for his being healed - because healing comes from within. Healing comes when the ego is absolutely nonexistential: when the ego is not, then the healing power flows from the within - it wells up. The man who has moved to the fifth, the visuddha chakra - to the chakra of prayer - his life becomes a benediction. You can see: even if he walks you will feel the quality of relaxation in his gestures, in his movements.

The sixth chakra - agya - is the last, where sleep becomes perfect, beyond which sleep is not needed: the work is finished. Up to the sixth, sleep is needed. With the sixth, sleep becomes meditative - not even prayerful but meditative - because in prayer there is a duality: I and Thou, the devotee and the deity. With the sixth, even that duality disappears. Sleep is profound.as profound as death. In fact, death is nothing but a great sleep, and sleep is nothing but a small death. With the sixth, sleep penetrates to your deepest core.and then the work is finished. When you come out of the sixth to the seventh, sleep is no more needed. You have gone beyond duality. Then you are never tired, so sleep is not needed.

This state of the seventh is the state of pure absolute awareness - call it the state of Christ, Buddha, God.

The same person has asked another question, related to the first:

If sex changes into love, does the urge to dominate become will, or the effort to be conscious?

This too has to be understood. The first three lower centers are deeply related with the second part - the three higher centers. First, muladhar, svadhishthan, manipura: these are the first three. The second three are: anahata, vissuddha, agya. These are the two pairs. They are joined together deeply, and it has to be understood - it will be helpful for you, for your journey.

The first chakra is concerned with food and the fourth chakra is concerned with love. Love and food are deeply related, joined together. Hence it happens that whenever somebody loves you, you don’t eat much. If a woman is loved she remains lean, thin and beautiful. If she is not loved she starts becoming fat, ugly, goes on accumulating; she starts eating too much. Or, vice versa too: if a woman does not want to be loved, she starts eating too much. That becomes a protection - then nobody will be attracted towards her.

Have you watched it? If a beloved comes to your home, a friend has come, and you are so happy, and so full of love - that day, appetite disappears. You don’t feel like eating - as if something more subtle than food has fulfilled you, something more subtle than food is inside you and the emptiness is not there. You are full, you feel full. Miserable people eat too much, happy people don’t eat too much. The more happy a person, the less he is addicted to food - because he has a higher food available: love. Love is food on a higher plane. If food is food for the body, love is food for the spirit.

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