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Chapter 7: Come In!

Buddha has said that there is one type of man for whom just the shadow of the whip is enough. Just like very, very intelligent horses: just the shadow of the whip is enough. Then there is a second type: the sight of the whip is needed, the shadow won’t do - the mediocre mind. Then there is a third type, lower, for which even the sight of the whip won’t do - unless you use the whip.. And there is a fourth type also, the lowest; lower than that is nobody. Even hitting him with the whip, whipping him, is not going to help. These four types are four stages of sleep.

It is natural to fall asleep while listening to me. That is a way of the mind to avoid me. Something is happening here which is going to destroy your mind. The whole effort is how to demolish your mind so that you can become new again, so that you can be reborn; how to help you to die so that resurrection becomes possible. Only out of your death will life flame up, will life come to you.

The mind feels it! It is dangerous to listen to me. The mind creates many sorts of excuses to be absent. Sometimes it goes on thinking, listening only on the periphery. Sometimes it goes on arguing - whether what I am saying is right or wrong, agrees with you or doesn’t agree with you. Then too one is missing. Or, if you stay long enough with me, then arguing will stop; then by and by the mind will start falling into sleep. That is the last trick; then there is no need to listen!

But one thing is good: that you have become aware that you fall asleep. There are many who fall asleep and don’t know. And the shock that comes to you is good. Use it! If you use it, by and by sleep will disappear. Sleep is a trick to create a barrier between me and you. If logic does not work, then sleep works.

And whatsoever I am saying to you is in a way the same truth again and again. So the mind can say to you: What is the need to listen? You can have a little rest. The mind can say: These things have been said many times before. But I am saying these things again and again to you because you have not heard yet.

Somebody asked Buddha, “Why do you go on repeating the same things again and again?”

He said, “Because of you!”

If you hear me then there is no point in repetition, but you don’t hear me even when I repeat them a thousand and one times.

The mind can create the idea that you can sleep, you can rest. The mind can even say to you that this is very meditative, that you fall in sleep and everything becomes silent. Sleep is not wrong, but there is a time to sleep. If you are sleeping here then one thing is certain: when you are sleeping you are not sleeping.

There is a time to sleep and there is a time to be awake. And there is a time to be working, and there is a time to be lazy and not working. Your life should move in an order, in an inner order. Sleep in the night as deeply as possible so that in the morning you can become as much awake as possible. If you have slept well in the night, you will be awake in the morning. If you have not slept well, then you will feel sleepy. In the morning to feel sleepy is bad, because that simply shows your energy is not functioning rightly, that your energy is not functioning in a healthy way.

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