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Chapter 8: The Lion’s Roar

Strange, that if a Jesus appears in a Christian church, this will be the welcome.

With the unknown, somehow our whole stomach gets disturbed. We don’t know how to respond because our whole teaching, our whole upbringing, is to react to particular conditions for which we already have the answer.

Our mind functions almost like a computer memory and our educational system goes on pouring information into our mind computer. So whenever a situation arises for which you are already informed, you don’t get frightened - you are well prepared, you have done the homework. But for the inner you are absolutely unprepared.

Entering into the inner forest, one knows nothing about what is going to happen and whether he will be able to find anything valuable, or whether he will be able to come back again.

I have come across a man.his wife brought him to me. The man had become afraid of sleep. And his argument was perfectly right: he said, “What is the guarantee that I will not die in my sleep? Who knows, I may not get up the next morning - then what? Sleep takes you to your deeper unconscious, inwards. You may go so deep that you cannot come out!”

The wife said, “Now he is driving the whole family nuts. He does not sleep, and he goes on asking everybody, ‘Are you asleep?’”

Now, to ask a sleeping person, “Are you asleep?” is to wake him up. And that was the whole strategy: everybody should be awake; alone he is also afraid because everybody is asleep and he is left alone, awake. If something happens there is nobody to look to. So neither he sleeps, nor does he allow anybody else to sleep.

He must have been taken to many people - to doctors, to psychiatrists, and finally somebody suggested, “It is better to take him to a crazier man than he is!”

So I agreed with the man. I said, “You are absolutely right. Your wife is wrong, your family is wrong, and anybody who says to you.”

He laughed, and looked at his wife and said, “See! A wise man understands, and you have been taking me to idiots.”

I told the wife, “Your husband is really doing the right thing.”

The wife said, “You are creating more difficulty! Up to now, at least he felt that he was doing something wrong, something he should not do but he was helpless. Now he will be absolutely right and everybody else will be wrong.”

I said, “That’s the truth, he is absolutely right. So you go away; we have made a communion, so leave us alone just for a few minutes and he will be back.”

The man said, “Strange that in the whole city you are the only man who has understood my situation.”

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