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Chapter 5: Bound in Deep Togetherness

This represents all that is known to the unenlightened and that which is known when you become enlightened. When you are full of light you have .clarity, perception, transparency; you can see through and through. In that vision, this starts melting into that; the circumference disappears into the center. The center is naturally hidden, it is bound to be hidden; only the circumference is available to the senses. You can see only the surface, you cannot see the depths. If you go to the ocean you can see only the surface and the surfacial turmoil; you cannot see the depth. To see the depth you will have to dive deep, and as far as the ultimate that is concerned, only diving deep won’t do: you will have to dive so deep that you disappear totally, become one with it. In that oneness God is realized.

The people who go on arguing about God know nothing about God. Those who know, they cannot argue about God. Yes, their very presence is a proof, their very existence radiates the ultimate, their “thisness” is overflowing with “thatness”, but they cannot prove logically, intellectually the existence of God. God is not an object, hence it cannot be put before you. It cannot be made a collective experience.

That’s why science goes on denying God, and science will go on denying God because science depends on collective observation; it believes only in that which can observed by everybody. It believes in the rock because the rock can be watched by everybody; everybody can agree that it exists.

The word object is significant; object means that which hinders. If you try to pass through a wall you will be hit hard by the wall. The wall is an object: it objects your passing through it. You cannot pass through a rock - it objects, it prevents, it hinders.

God is not an object - you can pass through God, you are passing through God every moment. You are breathing God; your very heartbeat is God’s heartbeat. But God is so close.even the word close is not right. because the word close or closeness shows distance.

This fan is close to me, but it is separate. This microphone is even more closer, but still it is separate. The body is even more closer, but it is still separate. God is inseparable with you; hence even the word closeness is not right. God is your very being, your very consciousness. It cannot be an object, it cannot prevent you; it helps you, it nourishes you. It is your subjectivity. Because it is your innermost core it remains hidden even from yourself - unless you take a one-hundred-eighty-degree turn, unless you recoil upon yourself.

You must have seen the symbol - a very ancient symbol and very significant too - of a snake eating its own tail. Many ancient mystery schools used that symbol; it is certainly very indicative. The snake eating its own tail means one-hundred-eighty-degree turn. The snake is turned upon itself, the consciousness has recoiled upon itself

And the snake has represented in almost all the cultures of the world wisdom. Jesus says: Be ye as wise as a snake. And in the East snake, the serpent, has symbolized the inner energy of man, kundalini; hence it is called serpent power. The energy is coiled at the lowest center of your being; when it uncoils, the snake starts rising upwards. It simply represents that there is something in the snake which can be used as a metaphor.

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