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Chapter 2: The Poetry of Tears

Going beyond this consciousness is the whole alchemy of meditation: attaining to an authentic consciousness which cannot be canceled or overruled by any unconsciousness that may be dormant in your being. Then the emperor has arisen in you, the master has arisen in you.

The second layer, beyond authentic consciousness, is super-consciousness. You become open to the beyond, to the mysterious and to the miraculous. Beyond the super-conscious is the collective super-conscious: you start losing your I, your ego, your separateness from existence. Your dewdrop starts melting into the ocean. Collective super-consciousness.and you are almost on the threshold of the divine.

Beyond the collective super-consciousness there is only one step more and that is cosmic super-consciousness. This cosmic super-consciousness has been called samadhi by Patanjali, nirvana by Gautam Buddha, kaivalya by Mahavira,. In the East there are a thousand and one words for that ultimate experience. No language is so rich as to be able to translate all those words with their different nuances, different fragrances. In English we are utterly poor, with faraway echoes not authentic translations. The words that are being used are enlightenment, self-realization, illumination, the ultimate awakening.but these are very poor words.

And why don’t they exist in thousands of languages in the world? - because the experience has not existed in those languages. For example, Eskimos have eleven words for snow. No language has eleven words for snow, but because Eskimos live with it day and night - all the year round, their whole lives - they experience snow in different ways. They know the subtle differences.

In the same way, the cosmic super-consciousness has been expressed by different awakened beings according to their own taste, according to their own choice. Mahavira calls it ultimate aloneness, kaivalya, because he enjoys the freedom of being absolutely alone. Everything else has disappeared: only aloneness, and the purity of it and the utter virgin silence of it.. There is no “other” to create any hell, just absolute silence.

And when there is no other, aloneness is only a word - because how can you be alone without the other? The very word alone loses all meaning if there is no comparison and context with the other. Mahavira is aware of it. He says this word kaivalya comes closest to the experience, but the experience is beyond it.

The mystic uses intellect to transcend intellect. Therefore, I say unto you, I am not an intellectual. My whole effort is to help you to go beyond intellect, to reach to the cosmic consciousness, to go beyond thinking. Those who are thinking are still children, playing on the sea beach. Only the mystic is mature, only the mystic goes beyond the horizon. Only he has the courage of an eagle to fly across the sun.

I am not an intellectual. I am simply a mystic. I don’t think about reality, existence, truth. I am experiencing them. They are my very being.

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