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Chapter 10: When the Heart Is Ready the Guest Comes

So the first thing is: the unconscious should be emptied. But one becomes afraid in emptying it, because it is carrying all kinds of ugly features. How to empty the violence that is there, the anger, the sadness.all kinds of worries that you have dumped there because you could not manage to sort them out? How are you going to bring them to the conscious? And if they come, then what are you going to do with them?

The unconscious is not interested in the object of the violence, it is interested only in getting rid of the violence. You can just beat your pillow, and you will feel immense relief. It will look a little awkward to you, that you are beating your pillow and the pillow has done no wrong to you. You think yourself very cultured, sophisticated, intelligent - and what are you doing beating the poor pillow who has not done anything? It is not a question of whether the pillow has done anything or not, but beating it will release the violence in you, because violence has nothing to do with the object.

Whether you beat somebody or you beat the pillow, it makes no difference to it. Whether you kill somebody or you just kill a teddy bear, it doesn’t matter. But killing has to be done.

In many primitive societies even today they sacrifice to their gods cows made of mud - and with great celebration. And they sacrifice other animals - even men - but they are all made of mud. And the strangest thing about these primitive societies is: there is no violence, people don’t fight, they don’t have the energy to fight. They have “killed” somebody; the killing idea is no longer there.

There are societies in the world where even a dream is taken to be true. It has a truth; Sigmund Freud is a proof of it.

But those societies, for thousands of years, have been doing a far better psychoanalysis - and they are poor primitives who don’t know what they are doing.

If somebody dreams at night.. Those people rarely dream; dreams are there because you have repressed things during the day. You wanted to see a beautiful woman, but your wife was with you and you could not see that woman. In the dream that woman will appear.

In those primitive societies there is no suppressive system. If somebody likes someone, he goes to the person and says, “You are beautiful and I like you very much.” The person may even be a stranger. But if somebody dreams, the first thing that happens is the elders of the society gather, and he has to confess his dream to them.

It is a great thing that somebody has dreamed. If he has dreamed that he has insulted somebody, then he has to go to that person to apologize and bring sweets and fruits as a present out of friendship, because in the dream he had insulted him.

To us it will look absolutely absurd, because in the dream, what you do is your business; the other person does not know that you insulted him. That is not the question, that the other person does not know; the question is that you have a certain antagonism towards the person that came up in your dream, and it is better to make things clear. Go to the person to apologize, present things to him - and the dream will never come again.

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